2019 Reunion Update…

Planning is well underway for this years reunion and to get things started we need your help!

One of the fundraising efforts for this years reunion will see The Bilo Bar Club have a stall at the Riverside Fair on Saturday 2nd November 2019. The Riverside Fair is held to benefit the Sigatoka School for Special Needs and is currated by the Shangri-La Fijian Resort.

The fair is a major drawcard to the Sigatoka township and is attended by many locals enjoying the entertainment and local stalls.

The aim for The Bilo Bar Club stall is to sell items donated by you, our members, for a very minimal amount. The more we have to sell the more we get to raise for our clubs efforts whilst making essential items available for a very affordbale price to the local community.

For this to be a success we need you to start sending donations, which will be stored at the resort.

Some examples of donations that could be considered would be;
– Childrens reading books,
– Basic clothing (children & adults),
– Bed linen,
– Sun-protective clothing,
– Anything else you think would be of value.

We would also greatly appreciate any assistance you could offer us to help sell items at the stall. Please let our Bilo Bar Coordinator know if you can help!

Donations should be addressed as follows;
Shangri-la’s Fijian Resort & Spa
Attn; Bilo Bar Club Coordinator
PO Box 812, Sigatoka

Fiji Islands

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