Checked your passport lately?

Flights to Fiji – done
Accommodation booked – done
Membership fees paid – done
6 months validity on your passport from date of arrival – what the?!

For the past two years whilst we endured lockdowns, homeschooling, mask-wearing, and zoom meetings our passports have languished in our undies drawer wondering when they will ever see the light of day again!

Sadly during this time, our passports validity has continued to tick over and in some cases has either expired or will have less than 6-months validity once we finally arrive back in Fiji.

Just like you, there are literally thousands of people scrambling to make sure their passports are valid and have enough validity – creating unheard-of backlogs to get passports renewed or replaced.

So, don’t delay and go get that passport from the undies drawer and make sure that it’s not only current but will also have at least 6 months validity from the date you intend to arrive in Fiji! Check out the links below for more info.

  • Australian passport info;
  • New Zealand passport info;
  • Fijian entry requirements;
  • Fijian COVID travel info;

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