Day 8: Church Service – Seaside Chapel – 10am with Bilo and Davui members – 2017 Reunion

2017 Bilo Bar & Davui Club 2017 reunion Day 8: : End this week with a Church Service at the Seaside Chapel from 10am.

Sermon was conducted by Rev. Marika Cagi from Jansen Bible College, Cuvu

During the service the harmonious voices of Voua Choir echo through the chapel as the sky clear out this Sunday morning.

Voua Choir harmonious voices echo through the Seaside Chapel today during the 2017 Bilo & Davui Club Reunion Church Service.

We would like to thank you all for joining us and we look forward for more great times in the coming week.
Vinaka and Thank You 🙂

#ShangriLaFiji #CoralCoastFiji

Day 8: Church Service – Seaside Chapel – 10am – 2017 Reunion

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