Important Announcements from Bilo Bar Club

Couple of Important Announcements from Bilo Bar Club:

    1. Imperial Bilo
    2. 2014 Reunion
    3. Grand Bilo

Imperial Bilo

The position of Imperial Bilo will become vacant at the annual general meeting of the bilo bar club on 6th november, 2014.

Two nominations from fully paid up members of the club, and both of which have been seconded.

The two persons that have been nominated are:-

  • Mr. Ray Louis – the incumbent Imperial Bilo; and,
  • Mr. Barry Hancock – one of the founding members of the club.

In accordance with the constitution of the club all nominations for the position of Imperial Bilo are now Closed.

2014 Reunion

All arrangements for this year’s reunion are well under way and an extensive program being drawn up bearing in mind the sprightliness of some of our longer members. The highlight of the event, other than all matters associated with the Melbourne cup, will be the dinner on 7th November, 2014 which will be held, by popular demand, in the Kalevu restaurant.

It is going to be a themed evening and the theme will be “a night of nostalgia“. Members are requested to submit to Avelina Namoumou, the Bilo Bar Club coordinator and Administrator, any items that you feel may have “nostalgic” value. These of course will be returned to you.

We are also asking for special requests from the Kalevu menu from years gone by. We probably will not be able to entertain them all so will have to go with the majority/most popular. It promises to be a grand evening to rival the re-opening of the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva.

The fancy dress cocktail will be held on 6th November, weather permitting, on the lawn of the events centre. I am sure that you are all busy preparing costumes if last year’s event is anything to go by.

Grand Bilo

The incoming Grand Bilo, Craig Powell, will arrive home on 13th august, 2014 and there will be a handover of the resort for about a week.

We will keep you updated on where Michael is going, so that you can cross that city off your list!

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