Message from the Imperial Bilo – 1st Quarter 2018

Bula All,

Hoping everyone has had a very enjoyable Christmas and New Year and everything you wish for is delivered in diamonds during 2018.

The 2017 reunion is now in the distance and the 2018 programme is strenuously being worked on by Andrew and the trustees to ensure a new programme of events is well and truly completed before the next reunion.

The 2017 AGM report by the trustees have all shown that our activities in the community are showing dividends, particularly the Scholarship Programme for tertiary education which is being administered by Michael.

The kindergartens all had good attendances and all teachers were very enthusiastic in the running of their individual kindergartens. However, the club awaits details of the Governments Teaching Programme and Wage Structure, which is of vital importance to the club as far as our wage contribution is concerned.

At the last AGM it was approved to pay the teachers wages and a small amount of maintenance and all further expenditure was to be held in abeyance until the Government decision on the running and wage structures of our kindergartens.

The Sand Dunes project has been completed by our contribution in securing the two buildings to allow for the exhibition of historical displays and is worth a visit just to see the portraits of Na Kalevu’s.

The 2017 reunion was a record achievement in fund raising for the club. At this stage I would like to thank Sue and Kevin Brett and their helpers for their organisational skills and work effort that they put into in raising the amount of money achieved. The individual amounts raised by the events held is shown on the final page of the newsletter.

It is good to see Ray up and about after being confined to home and hospitals in the last three months and he has arrived back at the hotel to keep the rum flowing and holding up the bar.

On a sad note two early members of our club passed away during the year, one being Edna Bee of two Edds are better than one fame and the other being John Ross from NZ who actually was one of the first two trustees to be appointed by the club in 1987.

Further details of reunion dates and prices and programmes will be available in a later news letter to give all members plenty of time to book for the 2018 reunion.

Hope this news letter finds everyone fit and well and looking forward to returning to our second home.

Vinaka vakalevu

Barry Hancock
Imperial Bilo, Bilo Bar

Find below the full pdf newsletter of The Bilo Bar Club for 1st Quarter 2018.

Bilo Bar Newsletter May 2018 – 2MB

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