Message from the Imperial Bilo – July 2017

Bula all,

The first half of the year has passed so quickly.

Davide Neaves and Graeme Harvey have been over for two weeks in June and been a great help in organising some of the Bilo Bar projects.

We have attained tax free status following our recent registration as a not for profit organisation and David has already gone over the finer details with Dee regarding the clubs accounts and audits that are required by FIRCA to retain its tax free status.

With regards to our fixed deposit rollovers the Bilo Bar Club has obtained 3% interest on the two accounts due for payment in June and we hope to obtain 3.5% on the November rollover.

Graeme and Dr Kevin Glencross of Southern Cross University and myself are working on a new project at the Sigatoka School for Special Needs and a herb and plant nursery to be worked on by the children.

The groundwork for this project has been done and we are working with the Ministry of Education and the school dministration in planning details and the cost of the nursery.

We are also in the process of arranging meetings with the agriculture department at the University in Nadi. This proposal will be presented to the Bilo Bar AGM in November for consideration.

The Sigatoka School for Special Education is one of three schools supported by the resort under its Embrace – Care for People project and have been involved with the renovation of their kitchen and sewing room allowing for vocational training for students. The children have excelled in each of the classes and have been selling their products to a number of government departments.

The kindergartens have had good attendance by the children and all the buildings are in reasonable good repair some small amount of work has to be done at Cuvu, on the swing and seesaw in the playground.

The National Trust for Fiji Islands Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park project is complete as far as the club is concerned and looks great with the photos of the kalevus on show.

The coffee shop has been held up due to a leaking roof in the kitchen area and I believe that is being fixed in the next two weeks.

I have viewed the concept submission for the learning centre section and if completed to this standard all I can saw is wow. I will have a copy for all to view at the AGM.

Plans and engineering have been approved on the St Johns Hall and library building but has been held up owning to no concrete or blocks being available in Fiji.

Any motion to go before the AGM should be lodged with Dee prior to 30th September, so it can be included in the agenda.

So anybody with any ideas please lodge it early.

Vinaka vakalevu.

Barry Hancock
Imperial Bilo, Bilo Bar Club

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Bilo Bar Newsletter July 2017 (pdf 579 kb)

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