Vinaka Vakalevu to the Smith’s Family

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Smith’s family from Townsville, Queensland . They landed here on the 2nd of August for a  week holiday and at the same time to deliver the love boxes that they had prepared for the school children of Nadroumai.

These loves boxes were prepared & sponsored by the Smith’s children and those that attended the same schools that they go to. The content of the loves boxes included t-shirt, undergarments, toys, socks, stationaries, story books etc. All of the 150 students from the school got one each which was a delight by all the children.

The boxes arrived here at the Shangri-la’s Fijian Resort & Spa on the 6th of August, we made plans to take them and present it  to the students on the 7th as the family were to leave on the 8th. As we entered the school compound the children were all seated at the assembly area. They greeted us with their Bula Smiles! and were escorted to seat at the main dais.

The school head teacher gave a welcome speech before Ms Mataika our Embrace School Ambassdor was asked to say a few words to introduce the family.  Mrs Smith was than given the opportunity to say a few words on how the project came about and the process that they had to go through to have the goods delivered at the school. She thanked all those that assisted in getting everything together and to have come this far.

Then it was time for distributing  the love boxes to the students. The Smith’s children Caleb, Hayden & Mataya were than asked to handover the love boxes to the children. You could tell how happy and excited the children were when they received there boxes and I know they will remember this day for a very long time.

There were refreshment prepared and the we were invited to tuck into it while the students entertain us with some items.

Once again A BIG VINAKA VAKALEVU to the Smith’s family for the love boxes.

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