Yadua Kindergarten Students Visit to Yanuca

It was Thursday morning ( 15/08/13) Mereoni ( CSR Manager) and Mosese her assistant were down  early at the Marine Centre to prepare and await the arrival of the children from Yadua Kindergarten.

At sharp 9.30am the busload of student and teachers arrived at the boom gate, as the students got off the bus they were told by their teachers to stand in line before proceeding to the Marine Centre. There were a total of 25 students, 2 teachers and 4 parents on this trip to assist the teachers on looking after the children.

They all walked in a single file straight to the Marine centre, for most of the children this will be their first visit to the resort even though most of their parents do work here.

As we reached the Marine Centre we were greeted and welcomed by Mereoni. Then it was Mosese’s turn talking about his work at the resort and being the guardian of the surrounding environment.

Then Mosese lead us in to the Marine centre telling us all about the purpose and the theme of creating such a magnificent set up. As we entered the building it feels more like we were under water. There were a lot interesting things we learned starting from the mangroves, the purpose of having mangroves and the types of living things that you might find in the mangroves. Then it was the beaches to the reef the colorful living things that you will see under water when you swim and snorkel in the surrounding Yanuca waters.

The most interesting part was the Danger Zone, it tells us of what’s happening to our surrounding water. How our actions are causing the depletion of our natural resources and the killing of our marine life. It was an eye opener for the children as most of them leave near the sea.

Thanks to Reef Safari after the tour of the Marine Centre they were invited to go on the glass bottom boat. The students were than divided in to 2 groups for 2 trips around the Yanuca Waters which was the highlight of the visit to Yanuca.

It was one of the most exciting day for the children

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