Bilo Bar Club

2004 Annual General Meeting Minutes

October 2004 Reunion (Reunion Date: 24 October to 6 November), Friday, 5th NOVEMBER 2004 AT 10:00 A.M. at Davui Hall.


  • Alan Lucas (Imperial Bilo) Ray Louis
  • John Rice (Grand Bilo) Laurel Louis
  • Susan Tait Kim Shoesmith
  • David Johnson Keith Duncan
  • Joan Lucas John Keir
  • Ralph Lucas David Neaves
  • Sharon Lucas Andrew Neaves
  • Jack Favalovo Cindy Neaves
  • Angela Favalovo John Pryme
  • Bertha Beck Helen Lang
  • Richard Droughton Norm Lang
  • Sue Droughton Gary Reid
  • Judy Steel Meg Reid
  • Allan Steel Brett Hogan
  • Betty Curnow Clay Hogan
  • Ken Curnow Lesley Russell
  • Dal Wassell Bob Russell
  • Julius Nadel Andrea Mastellone
  • Greg Broom Claire Robinson
  • Nia Broom Neil Robinson
  • Graeme Harvey Dawn Rumble
  • Annie Gridley Noelene Hogan
  • Frances Bromage


  • La & Alan Childs
  • Gavin & Betty Stevens


The meeting commenced at 10:00 a.m. with the Imperial Bilo welcoming all members to the AGM.


Graham Harvey moved to accept last meeting minutes which was seconded by Ray Louis


3.1 Raffle Tickets

John Rice suggested to have this kicked off in May 2005 Reunion.

Fran asked whether it was to be posted or handed out in the May 2005 Reunion.

Concern was raised by Julius Nadel with regard to the legality of the raffle. John Rice reiterated that proper permits and registration was now in place for this fundraising.

Comments from the floor on point 3.1:

Q: What response was there to the last one sent out in 1998?

Alan Lucas said that unfortunately we don’t have any figures.

John Keir commented that since the club had almost F$100K in the bank, suggest to move the raffle tickets back

3.2 Bar Club Database

John Rice said that the resort team is still working on getting the Bilo Bar Club database up to scratch.

Alan Lucas said that we would prefer to mail it, once database is okay, and mailing list is correct. And that the onus is on everyone to get correct addresses out.

Note: Communications & Bilo Bar team to get database ready.

3.3 Website –

John Rice says that the bilobar website is now fully functional and there may come a point where the newsletter could be phased out due to cost.

Alan Lucas asked if we can add or invite people to send and upload photos in the website. Elenoa said yes, that is possible, just send through images to email address

3.4 Kindergartens

(3.4.1) Proposed new kindergarten at Sigatoka

John Rice brought up a matter to be discussed in the meeting, whereby a request had come through from Ben Naruma, a long-serving staff of the resort for the club to assist in the building of a kindergarten in Sigatoka Village.

Along with Paul Bruce (Chief Engineer), they had investigated this project, which they saw was likely to cost F$22K F$26K. John Rice recommended this project as most of the staff are from those villages which the kindergarten serves.

Comments from the floor on point 3.4.1:

Alan Lucas suggested that we continue to work with existing kindergartens. That we appreciate the Sigatoka area, but prefer to support kids from the hill areas; and to exploit all possibilities before going ahead with new ventures.

Q: is there any support from government?

John Rice said that for privately funded kindergartens, government just leaves them be.

Ralph Lucas asked if we could investigate it a bit more and a proposal to be presented at the May 2005 Reunion.

John Rice said that both he and Paul Bruce have already investigated this and the entire project would be in the vicinity of F$22K F$26K.

Ray Louis moved that the members vote that they have enough confidence in the trustees to expand funds of the Bilo Bar Club to be used as is nominated in the constitution. Adding further, that the trustees be empowered to build the kindergarten if they see it appropriate.

Julius Nadel seconds this motion

Ray Louis moves the motion for this new project to go ahead seconds it

In favour – 32 yes and Against – 4

(3.4.2) Teachers wages & training

Q: on the kindergarten teachers wages?

Alan Lucas responded that if there was a new kindergarten, wages will go up to F$19K per annum

added that in February 2004, the teachers received a pay rise.

Q: on teacher training?

John Rice said that F$1,500.00 was spent in sponsorships for teacher training in 2003

(3.4.3). Oral hygiene of the children

Q: on if there was any result on the matter of looking after the oral hygiene of kids.

John Rice said that they had looked at it and decided not to pursue it, but in the end it is up to members


Gavin Stevens sent his sincere apologies, and has also forwarded the club as financial for the period 1/7/03 30/6/04:

Total Inflows F$34,906.12

Net Worth F$96,780.00

Represented by:

F$63,886.79 at 1.2% interest at Colonial Bank

F$32,893.97 at Westpac Sigatoka Branch (which is the operating account)

Total F$96,780.76

Q: Why is the account left there when interest is low?

John Rice says that generally interest rates in Fiji are low. F$382 cost represent the bank charges for processing cheques. It is recommended that members contribute donations by cash


Alan Lucas asked if there were any nominees for the positions of trustees; and there were none, so trustees were reelected.


(6.1). Farewell

John Rice says that this will be his last AGM. He thanked everyone for their support and he has enjoyed his time here and his associations with the club. The club has grown from strength to strength that to date it contributes substantial room nights to the Resort

(6.2). Renovations

Started in November 2003 and is expected to be completed by June 2005.

The Ballroom is expected to be ready by September 2005.

The Spa & Golf & Gym Bure is expected to be completed by October 2005.

The Coral Wing A & B Blocks will have a new room category, the Premier Room and there will be 66 of these rooms. The wing will also have separate Check In/Out area and a separate Breakfast area as well.

Q: will there still be a bowling green?

John Rice said unfortunately no.

(6.3). F&B Renovations

This will start in the last quarter of 2005 and into 2006.

(6.4). Staff

A lot of our staff are retiring next year

(6.5). Competition

New hotel chains are coming up; Mariott, Intercontinental, Four Seasons and Sofitel


(7.1) Fundraising

Alan Lucas commented on fundraising for this reunion so far:

F$490.00 raised on the raffle

F$1,500.00 profit raised from the train, thank you to Barry & Lorraine Hancock

F$1,340.00 raised from the sale of a painting kindly donated by Joan Lucas

Melbourne Cup

Calcutta F$850.00

Sweeps F$506.00

Total F$1,356.00

Thank you to the efforts of Alan, Judy and Fran.

Coconut race F$450.00

From 1st night AUD$50.00

Congratulations, October 2004 Reunion, fundraising was doubled out from October 2003 Reunion.

(7.2) Motion that where Alan Lucas & John Pryme see something needed for the kindergartens they go and get it done and get reimbursed for it.

Alan Lucas mentioned that in the past, both he and John have made trips to the kindergartens and sometimes identified areas that need items purchased.

So Alan Lucas is moving a motion that where we (Alan Lucas & John Pryme) see something needed, they go and get it done and get reimbursed for it.

Suggestion for the hotel to become more involved with the general maintenance etc of the kindergartens.

Alan Lucas said that the hotel has been extremely good and cooperates, however it is a privately owned business and it is here to do business and make money. Already John Rice and Paul Bruce do so much for the club

Alan Lucas moves again a motion that, within reason, where we (Alan Lucas & John Pryme) see something needed, they go and get it done and get reimbursed for it.

Noelene Hogan said the Alan takes the trouble to do this, with his hands-on approach, and doesn’t believe that the club should pick Alan to bits with this, as this is an all-honest wanting to help approach, he is doing it out of the goodness of his heart.

The meeting suggested Parameters to be set :where purchases will go through the Grand Bilo for pricing and sign off.

Motion is put to vote: In favor -33 yes, andAgainst – 5. Motion pass


Q: is the F$5 system for the Sigatoka Hospital still working?

John Rice said that the F$5 is for an essential services fund, adding that 60% – 70% of guests ask for it to be removed

Currently there is F$214K in the bank, and a lot of maintenance projects have been completed as a result like generators, quarters maintenance. The fund also has provided a new car for the Sigatoka Police and a medical post at Korolevu near the Warwick Hotel.


May 2005 Reunion

Sunday 1 May Sunday 15 May, 2005

October 2005 Reunion

Sunday 23 October Sunday 6 November, 2005

Meeting Ended at 11:58 A.M.

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