2015 Bilo Bar Reunion Approved Program

2015 Bilo Bar Reunion Approved Program version 2!

Program 2015 version 2!

Sunday 25th Oct

6pm – Bilo Bar –  BBQ (open to resort guests)

Monday 26th Oct

8.30am Golden Cowrie Bilo Bar breakfast and welcome speech by General Manager

Tuesday 27th Oct

9am -Golf Shop – Bilo Bar Golf with staff (including Mens and Ladies Competition)

6pm Mongolian Dinner (open to resort guests)

Wednesday 28th Oct

11am – Na Koro Putt Putt – Kalevu Verandah Putt Putt Competition

2.30pm Ikebana Demonstration

Thursday 29th Oct

5.30pm Kalevu Verandah Welcome Cocktail Party – Theme: Rooted in Nature (don’t forget the coconut)

Friday 30th Oct

10.30am – Bilo Bar Visit by Kindergarten Children

12pm Bilo Bar – Fish and Chips Lunch (open to resort guests)

Saturday 31st Oct

2.30pm Lagoon Lawn Masters Olympics

Sunday 01st Nov

10am – Off Site – Off Site Church Service at Cuvu Village

12pm  – Ladies Lunch

Monday 02nd Nov

12pm – Melbourne Cup Calcutta Draw

2pm Bilo Bar – Bilo Bar Fish and Chips (open to resort guests)

Tuesday 03rd Nov

12.30pm – BBQ Lunch

2.30pm Bilo Bar –  Fijian Cup and Sprint (Depending on the tide)

Wednesday 04th Nov

10am Off Site – Visit Sigatoka Kindergarten to see new extension

12.30pm Off Site- Opening of the Sigatoka Sand dunes Gate

Thursday 05th Nov

10am – Annual General Meeting – Davui Hall

5.30pm -Ratu Makutu Verandah – Meet the Team Cocktail Carnival Theme

7.30pm  -Ratu Makutu – Carnival Theme Dinner

Friday 06th Nov

10.30am – Bilo Bar – Bouche Championship

7.00pm  Kalevu – Gala Dinner – Bula/Beach Theme

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