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2006 Annual General Meeting AGM Minutes

Minutes Of The Bilo Bar Club Annual General Meeting Held In The Makutu Centre On Wednesday, 8 November 2006 At 10.00am


  • Alan Lucas (Chairman/Imperial Bilo)
  • David Hopcroft (General Manager/Grand Bilo)
  • Ray Louis (Trustee)
  • Allan Steel (Trustee)
  • Damian O’Donnell (Resident Manager)
  • Mike Mulcahy
  • Graeme Harvey
  • Vicki Mulcahy
  • Marilyn Harvey
  • Annie Gridley
  • Mathew Harvey
  • Frances Bromage
  • Allan McCudden
  • Meg Reid
  • Bernard Beck
  • David Neaves
  • Sean McEvoy
  • Cindy Neaves
  • Kevin Brett
  • John Keir
  • Sue Brett
  • Gary Reid
  • John Pryme
  • Dennis Robinson
  • Judy Steel
  • Neil Robinson
  • Greg Broom
  • Claire Robinson
  • Nia Broom
  • Trish Snell
  • Herb Littlewood
  • Clive Snell
  • Peter Roberts
  • Brett Hogan
  • Kathy Anthony ( staff in attendance)
  •  Mereia Kalouvou “


  • Noelene Hogan
  • M/M Lance Graham
  •  M/M Terry Large
  • M/M Alan Jones
  • M/M John Sharpley
  • Debbie Robinson
  •  Elvie Keir
  • Mack Gridley
  • Kim Shoesmith
  • Laurel Louis

Alan Lucas (Chairman) declared the meeting open at 10.00am and welcomed all members to the AGM.

Matters Arising out of the Minutes of the last meeting

Correction to date of minutes which should read 4/11/05 and not 4/11/06.

The minutes were approved as correct by Mike Mulcahy and seconded by Clive Snell.

Kindergarten Teachers

Ray Louis informed the meeting that legal opinion has been sought and 1) Teachers to get pay rise to be agreed by Trustees and yes, we must pay the 8% superannuation for the teachers; the teachers have agreed that they will pay their share of 8%. 2) Yes, we should have public liability 3) Agreed with the teachers that they would get 2 weeks holiday pay (10 days pro-rata on number of hours they work), 4) Indemnity insurance in case of any claim against Trustees; agreed not to insure buildings.

Alan Lucas moved a motion that the above formalities on the superannuation, holiday pay and insurance as advised by the Resort’s solicitors be agreed upon and set up.

Motion moved by Ray Louis and seconded by John Pryme.

David Hopcroft clarified that above payments for the teachers will not be backdated and that the Resort will draw up a contract for all teachers to sign. He is looking at commencing the superannuation deductions from 1st December 2006.

Alan Lucas thanked the Resort for their assistance in this matter.

Trustee Appointment

Ray Louis mentioned Gavin Stevens did not resign at the last AGM; he resigned shortly afterwards.

Alan Lucas recorded his thanks to Gavin Stevens for his tireless efforts and contribution to the Club. Alan Lucas introduced and welcomed Allan Steel as the new trustee appointed last year and confirmed that as there were no further nominations received from members, both Trustees – Ray Louis and Allan Steel were re-elected for a further term of 2 years

Sigatoka Hospital Fund – Peter Roberts enquired whether this fund was still active and the $5.00 per room is being deducted from guests. David Hopcroft replied, yes and mentioned that he had approached the Minister for Health for assistance towards the various projects and the Minister advised that his ministry does not have the funds.

Financial Report

Allan Steel reported on the financial status of the club for the year October 2005 to September 2006.

Total income $23,143

Total expenditure $17,813

Balance at bank as at 30/9/06 $31,592

Term Deposit (matures 02/03/07) $50,775

Total funds $82,367

Mike Mulcahy said “great effort” and thanked Shangri-La for introducing the F$20.00 subscription fee charged to members account on receipt of a confirmed booking. To date no-one has questioned the $20.00 charge

Alan Lucas mentioned that there is an improvement in the financial results of the Club and thanked David Hopcroft.

Motion to accept the Financial Report was moved by Graeme Harvey and seconded by Mike Mulcahy.

General Manager’s Report

Mr Hopcroft thanked members for coming once again – Bilo Bar/Davui Club members are great ambassadors for the Resort.

Introduced Damian O’Donnell as the new Resident Manager replacing Scott Mawhinney who has been transferred to Muscat. Damian is here with his wife Sara and son, Liam and an addition to the family is due in March.

He also introduced Kathy Anthony, his secretary who is taking the minutes of the meeting and Mereia Kalouvou who looks after the affairs of the Bilo Bar Club.

The website is up and running for sometime now and we have control over it. The website address is { HYPERLINK “” }. David Neaves advised that last week he checked the website and there were no updates and no information on the AGM.

Those members who have an email address, please provide them to us.

Today’s meeting is being held in the new Makutu Centre which is named after the Kalevu and landowner, Ratu Sakiusa Makutu. The Centre is divisible into 2 and seats 500 and we have the Marquee which seats 700. One of the main reasons for the delay in this project was the non-availability of the vesi timber from Vanua Levu and it took 8 months to dry. The Events Centre will be completed by the end of November 2006.


Completed the extension to staff restaurant (Mocelolo) and it has been very well received.

Golf/Gym bure – nearing completion.

Chi Spa – scheduled to open in April 2007 and will have 8 treatment bures; 4 on the beach where you can stay overnight.

Ocean Bures – completed in April 2007. Each will have their own buggies.

Coral Lobby – will commence renovation soon and will include a new outlet featuring a gourmet/deli menu.

Main Lobby – renovation completed. We have kept the traditional Fijian features. As the temporary walkway from the lobby was popular we have decided to construct a permanent walkway and this should improve the flow of traffic from the main lobby.

A new water tank is being installed. Once the new resorts at Natadola are completed we envisage that there will be an inadequate supply of water by the government supply so we have gone a step ahead and are also looking at a desalination plant at some stage.

Golf Course – we have spent a lot of time/money on improving the course.

Have injected a lot in sporting activities for the staff to keep them fit and also introduced sandwiches/salad bar at the staff restaurant.

Held a Shangri-La fundraising carnival in May 2006 and part of the funds collected were donated to Sigatoka Crippled Children’s School ($3,000) and $3,000 for an Orphanage in Ba.

Ram Krishna Reddy (Driver) who is a long serving staff has been diagnosed with coronary heart disease and we have raised $35,000 to send him to Sydney for a stent or by-pass. His wife who also worked in the kitchen suffered a stroke in 2005. They have two young children.

We have a medical team of 10 Amercian Doctors who donate their time and are here for a week to provide free eye treatment/surgery at Sigatoka Hospital. One afternoon was set aside for treatment for Resort staff only. Shangri-La provided them with 10 complimentary rooms for their entire stay.

The political situation has caused business to drop off a bit and hopefully the impasse between the Military and Government will be resolved at the Great Council of Chief’s meeting which is being held tomorrow (Thursday, 9th November). A major American group has cancelled.

We appreciate you all going back and telling your family/friends that all is well and it is calm back here.

Alan Lucas thanked David Hopcroft for a very informative report – it is much appreciated to be updated on the happenings at the Resort.

Alan Lucas extended a very big thank you on behalf of the members to the following for their assistance : Mike Mulcahy, Allan and Judy Steel, Greg Broom, Barry and Lorraine Hancock, Graeme Harvey, John Pryme and to the Trustees, Ray Louis and Allan Steel – thank you very much.

Ray Louis gave a summary of funds collected during this reunion.

  • Coconut 1st week $633.65
  • Train Trip $525.00
  • Sweeps $513.00
  • Calcutta Draw $990.00
  • Melbourne Cup Raffle $ 80.00
  • Train Raffle $257.00
  • Total $2,998.65

Ray Louis extended his appreciation and thanks to David Hopcroft and Kathy Anthony for their assistance given to the trustees.

General Business

Bilo Bar Club T-shirts – Graeme Harvey brought up the subject of reintroducing the Bilo Bar t-shirt for members. After discussion members agreed that the Trustees investigate the practicality of storage, costs of the t-shirts and David Hopcroft will check on the contract with the resort shops before going ahead. Graeme Harvey said we should also look into a better quality material and the t-shirt should have a pocket.

With no further business, Alan Lucas declared the AGM closed at 10.50am and thanked everyone for attending the meeting. He said he is very happy with the Club’s progress this year and it has been a wonderful and harmonious year and thanked each and everyone for that.

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