2009 Annual General Meeting AGM Minutes

Minutes Of The Bilo Bar Club Annual General Meeting Held In Davui Hall On Thursday, 5 November 2009 At 10.00am.

Present :

  • Daniele Vastolo – General Manager/Grand Bilo
  • Graeme Harvey – Imperial Bilo
  • Ray Louis – Trustee
  • Allan Steel – Trustee
  • Judy Steel
  • Ken Curnow
  • Betty Curnow
  • Mal Harvey
  • Sue Brett
  • Kevin Brett
  • Alan McCudden
  • Ailsa Harriss
  • Syd Harriss
  • Edna Whiting
  • Christine Maddison
  • Frances Bromage
  • Lurleen Graham
  • Lance Graham
  • Erin Dillimore-Muir
  • Val Large
  • Terry Large
  • Terry Holland
  • Mitch Holland
  • Ron Williams
  • Bernie Beck
  • Peter Lonnervik
  • Jenny Lonnervik
  • Patrick Bright
  • Jean Bright
  • Dal Wassell
  • John Keir
  • Barry Hancock
  • Richard Droughton
  • Sue Droughton
  • Keith McPhee
  • Greg Broom
  • Shaun Sutton
  • Laurel Louis
  • Claire Robinson
  • Neil Robinson
  • Pat Bartosh
  • John Bartosh
  • David Miller
  • Agnes Pacis – Director of Sales & Marketing
  • Apisaki Nadalo – Bilo Bar Coordinator
  • Kathy Anthony – Secretary in attendance

Apologies :

  • Judith Wagstaff
  • Tania McCudden
  • Kim Windsor
  • Noelene Hogan
  • Lynne Williams
  • Mat & Sue Harvey
  • Lorraine Hancock
  • Rex Johnstone
  • Larry Searle
  • Trish & Clive Snell
  • Kim Shoesmith
  • Chris Beattie
  • Roger & Marie Dunn
  • Nia & Christie Broom

The meeting opened at 10.10 am. Graeme Harvey (Imperial Bilo) welcomed and thanked members for their attendance at the AGM.. The minutes of the 6th November 2008 AGM were confirmed as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

Trustee Appointment

A requirement at each AGM is the stepping down of one of the Trustees. Ray Louis is due to stand down this year and as there were no nominations received, he was re-elected for a further term.

2010 Reunion Dates

Dates for next year’s reunion are :

  • 10th May – 23rd May
  • 25th October – 7th November

General Manager – Grand Bilo’s Report

Mr Daniele Vastolo welcomed members and thanked them for coming back and for being loyal to Shangri-La. He mentioned that this is his first Bilo Bar reunion and he is quite impressed with the interaction between members and our staff. We have set new standards with more management interaction, and to improve our relationship with members. We hope that this relationship will continue.

Business situation

It has been a tough year and year to date we are 30% below last year in revenue.

2009 Projects included the refurbishment of Lagoon Blocks 3, 4 and 5, Golden Cowrie and Reef Wing accommodation blocks. Refurbishment of Marau Village (originally the Village Site) where we have introduced a new Fijian food concept and “eat with your hands”; it is becoming quite an experience for customers who do not visit the Resort regularly.

2010 Projects the following are scheduled for next year : Full renovation of the Takali Restaurant, a new restaurant at Natadola – Natadola Beach Bar & Grill, renovation of the 4 Beach Bures, upgrading of the Lagoon Pool surrounds and facilities, shingle and aluminium joinery replacements for the Reef Wing accommodation block and full renovation of Mocelolo our staff restaurant which should start next month (December) and completed in February 2010. This will include renovation of our staff changing rooms to a “top class facility”.

Marine Centre – we have started a Marine Park project which involves the landowners and will be officially opened on 4th December. Mereoni Mataika is the new Marine Projects Manager and she has a few volunteers from the neighbouring villages to assist her. It will be the first declared Marine park in Fiji and will help the surrounding villages by providing employment.

Staff Changes

Mr Vastolo mentioned he arrived six months ago (mid April) and Agnes Pacis (Director of Sales & Marketing) arrived a few weeks earlier.

Rudolf Kunkel (Executive Chef) has been transferred to Shangri-La Xian in China. His replacement, Daniel Patterson who has worked for Hyatt around the world (first time with Shangr-La) is due to arrive tomorrow, 6th November.

Damian O’Donnell (Resident Manager) has been transferred to Shangri-La Suzhou in China and a replacement has yet to be announced.

Rex Urcia (Financial Controller) has resigned and left the company last month for family reasons. His replacement Mohit Gomber is expected to arrive 2nd week of November.

Pastry Chef – Tony Wang has resigned and his replacement is expected later this month.

Recently appointed : Jose Hasiholan as Animation & Entertainment Manager He is in charge of developing and creating “fun” in the Resort. Nitin Nand, Food & Beverage Operations Manager who has been living in Canada & Australia and has just returned to Fiji. Vani Vatuinaruku an experienced and long serving staff has been promoted to Reception Manager. Mereoni Mataika is our new Marine Projects Manager.

BMI Medical Team (Eye Doctors/Nurses) are currently in house. We provide them with complimentary accommodation annually and they donate their time by providing free clinics, surgery and eye glasses to the staff and general public.

Bilibili Races – Fijian Resort was again the overall winner and won both the main Bilibili events (men/ladies).

Mr Vastolo mentioned since his arrival in Fiji 6 months ago he has found it both challenging and rewarding, and a great experience; getting to know the people and understanding their culture; there is a unique happiness & kindness that comes from heart. He looks forward to a successful closing for 2009.

Financial Report

Allan Steel reported on the financial status of the club for the year 1st October 2008 to 30 September 2009..

Financial Summary was circulated at the meeting. A motion to accept it was moved and accepted..

Monies raised during this reunion :

  • Cocktail Party Coconut 29/10
  • Ikebana Flower Display 1/11 (Laurel Louis)
  • Beer wrappers 30/10
  • Beer wrappers 3/11
  • Melbourne Cup Sweeps 3/11
  • Melbourne Cup Calcutta 2/11
  • Coconut at Calcutta 3/11
  • Betty’s Bilo Bar bears
  • Cocktail Party Coconut 4/11
  • TOTAL: $6,702.60


Melbourne Cup – Mr Vastolo thanked those involved in the organizing of the events for the Melbourne Cup; it was an afternoon of fun, enjoyed by all and a lot of enthusiasm shown by not only members but other in house guests.

Alan Steele recorded his appreciation to Apisaki Nadalo for the excellent work and assistance she has provided for members during the reunion and to Kathy Anthony for forwarding the monthly accounts to the Trustees enabling them to keep a proper update of accounts and prepare the annual financial statement.

Betty Curnow – thanked Daniele Vastolo for allowing them to go ahead with the sale of the “bears”.

Thank you also to Barry Hancock; this reunion would not be the same without him.

Welcome to Peter and Jennifer Lonnervik newly inducted members of the Club.

The Executive Committee & members of the club recorded their thanks and appreciation to Daniele Vastolo (new GM) for his involvement in the activities of the club and wished him well.

Ron Williams suggested that new inductees of the club be given a brief information sheet of the club outlining the benefits, aims and objectives of the club etc. and this can be also given to members on check-in.

Dress Codes for Food & Beverage outlets – should be posted outside the restaurant/bar so guests are aware.

Children in Black Marlin Bar – a time limit to be set e.g. children not permitted after 9.00pm and evening activities to be arranged for the children.

Is there a hotel policy on guests holding late night/early morning parties outside their rooms – D. Vastolo will look into.

Rates for next year – Agnes Pacis confirmed that 2010 rates will be posted on the website and in the next Bilo Bar newsletter and these rates will only apply if members book direct with the Resort.

Unveiling of the Bilo Bar sign with the history of the club on Friday, 6th November at 5.30pm.


Several visits to the Kindergartens were made :

Ray Louis reported on the various kindergartens :

We were not happy with the Sigatoka Kindergarten as we had gone through great expense to improve this facility including the installation of a fence which was removed but has now been replaced and all was well. We were considering the employment of a second teacher at Sigatoka. This was moved and approved by members at the AGM.

Rukurukulevu – well maintained and committee doing a great job.

Kindergarten weekly fee of $1.00 per child – becoming very lax. Fees to cover general up keep of the Kindergartens.

Navuevu – very well run and maintained. Funded by Betty & Gavin Stevens. Funds raised recently was used to extend the playground.

Cuvu – needs attention; top soil lost and no lawn area.

Ray Louis recorded his thanks and appreciation to Martin Sission (Geckos), without his assistance we would not have been able to do half of the upgrading work that has been completed at the various Kindergartens.

Mr Curnow thanked Ray Louis for everything he had done for the Kindergartens.

Jim Bulivorovo’s Daughter – medical assistance has been addressed and a balance of $1,300 is to be kept in the Staff Fund and can be used for staff in similar situations.

Thank you very much to Keith McPhee for looking after this case.

Bilo Bar T-shirt and Bilo Bar Certificate – Ray Louis mentioned that they were looking at t-shirts and would get costings. Still to be sourced.

Social Committee – Ray Louis suggested the formation of a social committee to assist Graeme Harvey and himself to organize the reunions.

With no further business, the meeting closed at 11.15am

Download pdf of the Minutes Of The Bilo Bar Club Annual General Meeting Held In Davui Hall On Thursday, 5 November 2009 At 10.00am here.

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