2016 Annual General Meeting AGM Minutes

The Bilo Bar Club’s 2016 Annual General Meeting Minutes held at the Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort and Spa

Date: 3rd November 2016

Venue: Davui Hall


  • Imperial Bilo : Mr. Ray Louis
  • Grand Bilo : Mr. Craig Powell
  • Trustee : Mr. David Neaves
  • Trustee : Mr. Barry Hancock
  • Trustee : Mr. Sean McEvoy
  • Trustee : Mr. Mike Mulcahy
  • Treasurer : Mrs. Sue Brett

Members Present:

  1. Cindy Neaves
  2. Patricia Walter
  3. Valerie Large
  4. Gloria McEvoy
  5. Max Lehmann
  6. June Lehmann
  7. Dean Veenendaal
  8. Graeme Harvey
  9. Lance Meehan
  10. Geoffrey Ross
  11. Nola Nelson
  12. Allan Steel
  13. Judy Steel
  14. Jenny Lonnevik
  15. Peter Lonnevik
  16. Gregory Needham
  17. Clive Snell
  18. Trish Snell
  19. Allan McCudden
  20. Laurel Louis
  21. Christine Maddisen
  22. Edna Whitting
  23. Andy Crane
  24. Adan Storey
  25. Kaylene Storey
  26. Vicky Mulcahy
  27. Gai Hodgson-Budd
  28. R Perri
  29. J Perri
  30. Shona Molt
  31. Max Kiely
  32. Kevin Brett
  33. Lurlene Graham
  34. Allana Hancock
  35. Lance Graham
  36. David Hollis
  37. Erin Dilmore-Muir
  38. Terry Large
  39. Sue Mylonas
  40. Meg Reid
  41. Gary Reid


Mr Ray Louis delivered a welcome speech and thanked everyone for making it to the reunion.


  • Roger & Ngari Dunn
  • Larry Seale
  • Mathew & Sue Harvey Tanya
  • Rob & Lyn Bendle
  • Kim Shoesmith
  • Mario & Robin Vidal
  • Rockey Perry
  • Neil & Claire Robinson
  • Wayne & Jan Northey
  • John & Lynda Hogg
  • Noelene Hogan
  • Sarah Thomas
  • Ken & Betty Curnow


The 50th birthday celebration date on previous meeting minutes was wrong. This will be
amended accordingly.

There being no other corrections, the Minutes were accepted as the true and accurate record of the Bilo Bar Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 5th November 2015 at Davui Hall. All were in favour.


Mr. Craig Powell greeted everyone and thanked Mr. Ray Louis. He confirmed that the dates for the 50th Birthday celebrations would be on the 21st and 22nd October 2017. Actual birthdate is the 22nd of October however this day falls on a Sunday so it would be best if we celebrated on the eve of the 22nd of October with spectacular fireworks at the stroke of midnight. The Sales and Marketing Team are currently working on an incredible deal that will reward BBM, who are willing to stay from the 21st of October through to the 12th of November 2017. Once the “Long Stay Deal” package is finalized, this will be distributed to all BBM.

a. Renovations

In the wake of Cyclone Winston it’s been a challenging year for us so our projects have not gone according to plan. We have had constraints with building supplies let alone securing qualified contractors. Being hit by flooding and Zika Virus we have had a tough 2nd quarter, we have had to push back some of the deliverable particularly the Rooms programme.

  • Lagoon Block 1 and 2 – works will begin very soon after the BB reunion and we will have the rooms programme underway. We had to push it back owing to the fact of the tough second quarter.
  • Beach Bar and Grill works are underway and should be complete before Christmas. We should at least have a soft opening.
  • Main Lobby plans are to have this open on the 3rd of December. We will be having a soft opening.
  • Laundry coming along very nicely together and should be complete before the end of the year.
  • Wi-Fi speed upgrade. Wi-Fi access points will be installed in the Lagoon blocks.
  • Paperless Check-in will be installed before the end of the month.
  • New Pavillion tent already in use for a number of events.
  • Hosting Fiji Tourism Exchange next year.
  • Staff facilities – renovated staff dining area, kitchen, lockers, locker rooms including a recreation area including a Closed Circuit Television room.
  • Closed Circuit Television – we are in the second phase of the installation of the CCTV. We will be installing close to 200 cameras in the Resort.

b. Community Social Responsibility

The Resort was very quick to respond in the wake of Cyclone Winston. We provided immediate relief efforts to Taveuni, Savusavu and Rakiraki just to name a few. We also provided relief for 22 of our staff and gave them vouchers for building supplies. Together with the support of Rosie Tours and Fiji Chemicals, we visited Navolau District School in Rakiraki with a lot of relief supplies in the form of tarpaulins, tents, stationery items and these were very well received by the 200+ students with our key sponsors. A kind invite was extended to the students to watch the Fiji Sevens Rugby live onscreen at Yanuca.

c. Rewarding Loyalty

must be for 3 stays or more. We could give the children a Little Chief’s Certificate for new members’ kids that join The Bilo Bar Club. Perhaps, the Club could offer a little t-shirt and a little kit for the children as well.

d. Change in Board Chairman of the Company

Mr. MX Kuok is the new Board Chairman of the Company and is the grandson of Mr. Robert Kuok and took over from Chye Kuok. Acting President and CEO for Shangri-La Group – Mr. Madhu Rao. Mr. Craig Powell has recently been appointed as Director of the Board and am now serving as a Board member.

e. Mini Waterpark and Teenage Disco

Proposed projects for the future.

f. Question

Question raised by Mr. Ray Louis – how long will Blocks 1 and 2 be closed for and GM replied that this will be closed until mid-April, assuming everything goes according to plan and there’s no natural disasters.


Mrs. Sue Brett stated that there was an amendment for last years’ AGM report. 2015 Beer Wraps of F$605 didn’t show on statements sent to Sue however it probably was amalgamated into Coconut collections.

No questions raised on last year’s report.

This year’s Melbourne Cup and Calcutta events, we managed to raise F$9,175.00. Thanks to Pete’s great effort with the Coconut, we raised F$1,452 which came to a grand total of F$10,627.00.

Thank you to everyone who assisted.

No questions raised.

Mr. Ray Louis thanked Sue for her report which was passed unanimously.


Mr. Mike Mulcahy greeted everyone and presented the first scholarship report for year 13 students in 2015 and there were 10 worthy recipients of this most worthy award.

All students were issued with a letter of congratulations and a certificate and all were asked to sign an acceptance form stating that they would accept all conditions regarding the Scholarship which were set out in their letter of congratulations.

There were five secondary schools involved in the scholarship in 2015, however in 2016 there will only be four schools, these being Cuvu College, Andhra Sangam, Sigatoka Methodist and Nadroga Arya with the fifth school Nadroga Navosa Provincial School being converted to a technical campus.

As previously advised when the Scholarship was introduced at the AGM in 2014 it was shown that the Scholarship scheme would cost the Bilo Bar Trust Fund a total of F$18,750 per year in the fourth year in 2018 however with the reduction in the number of schools now being four this will reduce the funding to F$15,000 per year from 2018.

As the new fees of $50 per member per year starting from the 1st January 2017 is more and will required to fund the scholarships, this is a small amount to pay by the members per year as the benefits supplied by the hotel greatly out way our contributions i.e;

• (A bottle of wine and fruit on arrival
• Late check out (subject to availability)
• 10% discount on food and beverage (except concessionaires)
• 10% discount on treatments at CHI,The Spa at Shangri-La
• Complimentary green fees
• Invitation to weekly cocktail

All Principals have been contacted regarding the students who are to be awarded the 2016 Bilo Bar Trust Fund Scholarships and have asked all of them to advise the Trustees of The Bilo Bar Trust Fund as to who are to receive these awards as soon as results and confirmed as to the highest achiever at each of the four secondary schools.


Mr. Ray Louis was happy to announce that all existing four kindergartens are in pretty good shape. The numbers are up on all our kindergartens, which is fabulous. We have a new trainee teacher at Naevuevu because one of our longest and best serving teacher, Ms Sesenieli Visi, will be retiring at the end of the first term next year. She’s been wonderful and has run the kindergarten on her own and will stay on until the first term next year. I recommend that we find a little memento for her for all the years of service.

Six to seven years ago, I took it upon myself when I was a trustee and closed Rukurukulevu as it was no longer serving as a kindergarten but a babysitting service. Over the last year I’ve spoken to the villagers and happy to announce they’ve taken it upon themselves to do something positive with the building, they’ve painted it inside and out, done building repairs and they now have a qualified teacher with 15 students enrolled at this stage. Average attendance is about 12 students each day. The village take up a collection each month to pay the teachers wages of F$80 per month out of which he pays his own FNPF. Mr. Ray Louis suggested to the trustees and the committee members if they would recommend to the board next year that we take this school back on as one of our projects, if they meet the criteria he has set up.

Nadroumai – the Government have built showers. The mosquito nets we bought them will be distributed to the children next year.

No questions raised. Mr. Ray Louis asked the members if they would trust him to keep an eye on Rukurukulevu Kindergarten for the next three to six months and everyone agreed.

Barry raised the subject about Government paying the wages of the Kindergarten teachers and that both him and Craig have held discussions with the Ministry of Education however GM advised that this initiative has been put on the back burner due to Cyclone Winston and may be revisited later. In the meantime everyone agreed that The Bilo Bar kept up with paying the Kindergarten teachers wages.


Resignation of Imperial Bilo: Mr. Ray Louis officially announced his resignation as Imperial Bilo and thanked all the management and staff of the Resort over the years.

Grand Bilo, Mr. Craig Powell expressed his thanks to Mr. Ray Louis for serving as the Imperial Bilo for his contribution and service, throughout the years.

Imperial Bilo – Mr. Barry Hancock

2 nominations received from Mr. Ray Louis and Mrs. Sue Brett

Moved that Mr. Barry Hancock – all in favour, no objections.

Treasurer Mrs. Sue Brett

2 nominations from Mr. Barry Hancock and Ms. Gai Hodgson-Budd

Motion to move that Mrs. Sue Brett remain as a trustee – all in favour, no objections.

Mrs. Sue Brett accepted.

Trustee Mr. Ray Louis

2 nominations from Ms. Ariane Simon and Mr. Allan Steel.

Motion to move that Ray remain as a trustee, all in favour, no objections.

Ray accepted.


Sand Dunes

There’s a misprint in the financial statement for last year it reads $45,000 however it should read $30,000. Bilo Bar have completed our section of payments. Until the Coffee shop people are chosen, we can then complete the finishing touches. Picture frames have been completed by Pacific Green and pictures are been done by Caines Jannif.

Coffee Shop

In lieu of The Bilo Bar Club purchasing the coffin for Na Kalevu, Ratu Waka has suggested that the Club print and frame a picture of the former Kalevu to hang on the wall of the coffee shop. The resort will be putting in $35,000 towards the street lighting and improving the fencing and the parking area of the coffee shop across the causeway. The resort will undertake training the ladies on homemade jams at the technical college. The coffee shop will be an extra source of income for the villagers and not too dependent on the marine sources here.

Disaster Relief Fund

Mrs. Judy Steel has read many accounts of people still suffering from the effects of Cyclone Winston. She understands that the character of the club is that we support only surrounding areas however she would like to propose if The Club can set aside $20,000 as a Disaster Relief Fund for other areas in Fiji and suggests that it is administered by the Grand Bilo and in much the same way as they have already done. Mr. Barry Hancock advised that The Club already has a certain amount of funds allocated for Disaster Relief. All agreed that $20,000 be set aside.

Beer Wraps

Mr. Graeme Harvey sought permission from the members to get some made in different colours for the 50th Anniversary with exact same design we have now and 50th added and sell for $20. Mr. Ray Louis suggested if The Bilo Bar pay for the wraps. All agreed. Mr. Powell replied that the proposed design is to be sent to SLIM for approval so he will send the specifications to Mr. Harvey, who will work on proposed design print and submit later.

Kindergarten students’ lunch for BB Reunion

Suggest a change next year to chicken nuggets and chips as children struggled through the hotdogs this year. All agreed.


Someone brought up the subject of notifications of nominations and suggested that in future an email blast to be sent to all members so that everyone is notified. Question raised to Barry about the reward system for the loyalty club. Mr. Powell explained that we now have a dedicated staff for The Club for the first time and requests that everyone gives their correct/direct email address so that we can send out notifications on specials and rewards. The resort has been flexible with members even when they haven’t paid their dues. He explained that since he joined the Bilo Bar room rates have decreased.

Hotel Lucky Draw Prizes

Mr Powell stated if you want to be part of the draw for Shangri-La gift vouchers, you have to attend all the events. Alana explained that she can’t attend an event that is held two nights in a row as she has to look after the kids.

Questions 2 days prior to 2017 Meeting

It was proposed that next year we have questions with notice to be lodged with Dee (Bilo Bar Coordinator – bilobar.fij@shangri-la.com) 2 days prior to the meeting. Everyone agreed.

St. John’s Ambulance

Mr. Powell suggested that a St. John’s Ambulance Facility be built on the land (owned by Na Hina) next to Café being built over causeway, the estimated cost would be F$60,000 of which the Bilo Bar Club was asked to contribute F$30,000 and the balance would be funded by the Resort.

Mr. Hancock spoke and said he was getting draft plans drawn up and he would be willing to supervise the construction. There were a few questions from the floor, which he answered.

Mr. Hancock put the motion which was passed by the majority.

Insurance Liability

Professional Indemnity protection for F$500,000 for the Trustees and Grand Bilo. 3 quotes to be obtained.

Registration of The Bilo Bar Club as a Charitable Trust

Mr. Barry Hancock explained that The Bilo Bar Club needs to be registered as a Charitable Trust so that we are able to be exempted from taxes, etc.

Meeting Closed

Mr. Barry Hancock then declared the meeting close.

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