Make Boxing Day your Booking Day!

As a financial member of The Bilo Bar Club you are entitled to exclusive room rates for your stay at Shangri La Yanuca Island, Fiji! In this post we break down and compare the two options you have to chose from!

The Bilo Bar Club members have two option to chose from when making a booking direct with the resort. Of course, you are more than welcome to book via your favourite travel agent or booking site; yet you still need to be a financial member before time of arrival to enjoy all the in-house benefits of being a member.

Option One; 30% discount off Flexible Rates

What is a flexible rate, you ask? A flexible rate is often referred to ‘in the industry’ as dynamic pricing or demand-based pricing. The Flexible price literally changes everyday and is influenced by factors such as lead-time, room availability, and special occasions. It’s very similar to the way airlines price their flights; essentially it means that the further away from check in you make your booking and the more rooms that are bookable means the rate will be at its cheapest. Buyer beware though; its best to get in early with Flexible rates as they usually get more expensive as each day edges closer to your check in. In the very rare instance where the rate gets cheaper, rest assured knowing you have booked a Flexible rate, which also means no prepayments or early cancellation fees (always check the T&Cs though), in case you need to rebook at all.

The Bilo Bar Club members are offered a flexible rate that is guaranteed to be 30% cheaper that the same Flexible rate that is available to the public; when booking via To access these discounted rates you need to enter the code ‘BBM-B’ as a Promotion code; in the same section you choose dates and number of adults and children. This rate is also available for year-round stays.

As an added bonus; when using the BBM-B promo code you are able to book the all-inclusive (conditions apply) food and beverage package at a 10% discounted rate also. Simply chose this option after you have clicked ‘Next Steps’ after entering your name and contact details.

We’ve done some research and have some results below to show just how good value this offer is for members. We did a search for a stay checking in November 2nd, 2024 staying for 8 nights, checking out November 10, 2024 staying in an Ocean Deluxe Room. Here’s what we found, based on searches made at 10am, 26th December 2024, from Melbourne, Australia.

Option Two; All-inclusive Reunion Packages

The resort has created these packages to give you a fixed price, ‘static’, all-inclusive price option that is valid for stays of Five nights or more during our Reunion celebrations only.

Being a ‘static’ price means that no matter the lead time or availability the price shown is the price charged! So whilst you might find that these rates seems dearer at the moment, we can almost guarantee that at some point closer to your check in date that they will in fact be cheaper than the flexible rates that are bookable. These packages also have the benefits of being free cancellation with no upfront payments (again, always check the T&C).

Being all-inclusive you can rest assured that all your meals, beverages, and accommodation is a fixed price with nothing more to pay, other than for what’s not included in the package. A great option for those who like to book now and pay off before you go; just by making a monthly payment to the resort yourself.

So, what’s next? Head over to to make your accommodation bookings, check out some great Boxing Day flight deals and rest assured knowing that your 2024 Fiji vacay is locked and loaded! Happy Days!

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