Post-amputation care – fundraiser for Ace!

The Bilo Bar Club would like announce our support of the below fundraising initiative being undertaken by one of our members. Whilst our constitution doesn’t have the allowance to fundraise for an individual we whole-heartdely support the efforts of our members in their support of the Fijian communities members.

ACE (Asesela Yamoyamo) sadly last Wednesday was rushed to hospital and had his right leg amputated below the knee.  We would like to raise funds to help with providing professional post-surgery care and in the long term to be able to fund a prothestic limb.  For anyone that has holidayed at Shangri-las Fijian Resort & Spa they would know that a day by the lagoon pool and beach did not go by wihout Ace dropping by for a chat or singalong with the kids.  Please give generously to help support Ace through his recovery amidst the Fijian health system.

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