Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort to Celebrate 25th Anniversary of Bilo Bar Club

Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort will celebrate the 25th Silver Anniversary of its Bilo Bar Club beginning on Friday May 19th with a Gala Dinner with 85 of its regular returnee guests.

The Club which started out as a social club for Resort regulars was later set up as a Trust Fund and five kindergartens later continues to contribute thousands of dollars in cash and kind for the surrounding Cuvu District which consists of the villages of Cuvu, Hanahana, Naevuevu, Rukurukulevu, Sila, Tore and Yadua.

The contribution of members, to the local community, has not been confined to the kindergartens alone although it remains an integral part of its work in the area. The organisation has also contributed generously to the Sigatoka Hospital Fund of which the Resort has been a major sponsor of for years.

The club is presided over by an Imperial Bilo co-founder Alan Lucas who has been traveling to Yanuca Island home of the resort for close to 40 years.

The title of Grand Bilo is held by successive General Managers at the Resort.

In his message ahead of the milestone event Mr Lucas said that he and other Bilo Bar club members had looked on with pride as the resort had grown from the original two blocks of accommodation to one of the finest family resorts in the South Pacific.

“For all of us there is a great sense of pride that through our Bilo Bar Club Trust Fund we have been able to assist our staff and their families with cyclone relief, a first class start to their children’s education, many improvements to Sigatoka Hospital, improved sporting opportunities and in many other ways,” Mr Lucas said.

Current Grand Bilo, Mr David Hopcroft, said Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort was proud to be associated with the Bilo Bar Club as the Resort was deeply committed to service the local community.

“This further strengthens our contribution to the local community and besides employing close to over 800 staff members from this area the Resort is glad to support any initiatives where our regular guests have an opportunity to put something back into this area which they love coming back to,” Mr Hopcroft said.

Hr Hopcroft added that many of the returning guests who were Bilo Bar members were also closely involved in the lives of staff members and many had become like family.

“Our staff have also been hosted overseas by the friends they have made, through their visits to the resort and these relationships are valued greatly,” Mr Hopcroft said.

He said Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort was proud to be associated with the Bilo Bar and congratulated those past and present for their lifelong commitment to the local community.


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