2010 Annual General Meeting AGM Minutes

Minutes Of The Bilo Bar Club Annual General Meeting Held At The Ratu Makutu Centre On 3 November, 2010 At 10.00am

Present :

  • Graeme Harvey Imperial Bilo
  • Michael Monks – General Manager/Grand Bilo
  • Ray Louis Trustee
  • Allan Steel Trustee
  • Judy Steel
  • Michael Mulcahy
  • Shaun Sutton
  • Dallas & Maria Wassell
  • Kevin & Sue Brett
  • Marilyn Harvey
  • Craig Hirt
  • Allan & Tania McCudden
  • Richard & Sue Droughton
  • John and Pat Bartosh
  • Lance & Lurlene Graham
  • Terence & Valerie Large
  • Frances Bromage
  • Kim Shoesmith
  • Neil & Claire Robinson
  • Geoff Ross
  • Michael & Debbie Slater
  • Noelene Hogan
  • Peter & Jennifer Lonnevik
  • Ian Mutton
  • Dennis & Pam Lidster
  • Ken & Betty Curnow
  • Christine Maddison
  • Edna Whiting
  • Michael Holland
  • Erin Dillimore-Muir
  • Mona Coppock
  • Larry Searle
  • Sean & Gloria McEvoy
  • Clive & Trish Snell
  • Jean & Pat Bright
  • Barry Hancock
  • Agnes Pacis Director of Sales & Marketing
  • Apisaki Nadalo Bilo Bar Coordinator
  • Kathy Anthony Secretary in attendance

Apologies :

  • Judith Wagstaff
  • Vicky Mulcahy
  • Kim Winsor
  • Rex Johnstone
  • Terry Holland
  • Roger & Ngari Dunn

The meeting opened at 10.05 am and Ray Louis introduced Michael Monks, General Manager and Grand Bilo.

Graeme Harvey (Imperial Bilo) welcomed and thanked members for their attendance. It is great to see so many members present at the reunion. He thanked members for their assistance and great work during the Calcutta and Melbourne Cup sweeps : Kevin & Sue Brett, Richard & Sue. Mike Mulcahy, Pat & John, Mathew Harvey, Peter Lonnervik and many others who assisted.

Trustee Appointment

A requirement at each AGM is the stepping down of one of the Trustees. Alan Steel is to stand down this year and as there were no nominations received, he was re-elected for a further term. He announced he is happy to continue for another year but wish to relinquish the title of Trustee at the 2011 AGM.

Ray Louis announced also that this will be his last year and will resign from the position of Trustee at next year s AGM. He thanked members and the hotel for giving him the opportunity to serve as a Trustee of the Club.

2011 Reunion Dates

Dates for next year s reunions are :

  • 8th – 21st May
  • 23rd October 6th November

General Manager – Grand Bilo s Report

Yadra vinaka and bula vinaka – It is a pleasure to see so many members come back so frequently and on behalf of the staff, thank you very much for that.

A brief update on some of the former GMs :

Late Al Wymann (founding member of the Bilo Bar Club). A very good friend and mentor whom I had the pleasure to work with for many years. His wife, Isabel will be returning for a visit in December. Al is with us today.

Wolf-Dieter Flecker: Vice President and Executive Officer of Shangri-La Int Management and is based in Hong Kong.

Desmond Hatton – General Manager of Shangri-La s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, in  Penang, Malaysia.

John Rice – Area Manager/General Manager of China World Hotel, Beijing and responsible for 4 hotels in Beijing.

David Hopcroft Genera Manager of Shangri-La s Eros Hotel, New Delhi.

Daniele Vastolo unfortunately he has left the Company and his current whereabouts are unknown.

I have been in contact with all of them and have consulted them as encyclopedias, rich in knowledge about the hotel and the Bilo Bar members..

I have had the pleasure of being a Shangri-La General Manager for the past 18 years in Philippines and China. Also managed non Shangri-La properties in many other predominantly Asian countries.

Business situation

2010 looks better than 2009 but does not meet the business levels of 2008. 80% of our business comes from the Australian market with New Zealand as the second biggest followed by USA. We are also looking at new markets e.g. China, India and this will be dependent on our national carrier, Air Pacific who is expanding into these markets, such as their twice weekly direct flight to/from Hong Kong.


a Board of Director s meeting is scheduled for 3rd December. Qantas is a major shareholder and still involved in the hotel and is represented on the Board. We will be presenting to the BOD a number of plans for the necessary upgrading and updating of the property. This is a major concern for the management.

Bilo Bar

looking at renovations of the outlet and doing decking right out into the sea.

Takali/Kalevu Restaurants

plan to renovate these two outlets and looking at one kitchen for both.

Marine Centre

Marine Centre is running well and we are looking at corporate engagements together with WWF.

Staff Changes

Daniel Patterson, Executive Chef joined us late last year..

Damian O Donnell (Resident Manager) was transferred to Shangri-La Suzhou in China and has recently moved Singapore as Resident Manager. Rasa Sentosa will reopen on 18th January 2011.

Mohit Gomber, Financial Controller also joined us late last year..

Sampath Balapatabendi is our new Executive Pastry Chef

Jose Hasiholan the Animation & Entertainment Manager has been transferred to Rasa Sayang Resort, Penang.

The Resort continues to be very much involved with community projects and together with other Coral Coast hotels have invested $1⁄2 million in various projects connected with the Sigatoka Hospital, and are now looking at constructing a new maternity ward.

We are now awaiting the shipment of a fully equipped ambulance from Victoria. The ambulance was purchased from donations received from the Rotary Club of Victoria, to whom we extend our sincere thanks.

This year we have had two Australian TV channel crews visit the resort. Channel 9 s

Random Act of Kindness which will be shown on November 19, 2010 and Channel 7 s

Sunrise program that was broadcast live from the beach earlier this year.

BMI Medical Team

BMI Medical Team (Eye Doctors/Nurses) is currently in house. We provide them with complimentary accommodation annually and they donate their time by

providing free clinics, surgery and eye glasses to the staff and general public.

They depart on Sunday, 8th November.

Bilibili Races

We were again successful in retaining the overall On a personal note, I do realize and fully appreciate that it is the wonderful staff that are the heart and soul of the hotel and rest assured that I have every intention of ensuring that they are all well looked after.

Financial Report

Allan Steel reported on the financial status of the club for the year October, 2009 to September, 2010. Financial Summary was circulated at the meeting. A motion to accept it was moved and accepted.

This is the most that has ever been collected from the coconut ($6,420 for the year) which is now being passed around at every cocktail function thanks to Michael Monks.

Total donations received during the year – $11,224 has lifted our figures considerably.

Ray Louis mentioned of the $11,224 AUD 5,000 was from a gentleman and $3,000 from Peter Watson both of whom are not Bilo Bar members.

Bank balance as at 30 September 2010 was $20,603 and Term Deposit of $83,905 which is due to mature on 19 February 2011.

Monies raised during this reunion :

Total collected at the reunion : $10,640.74 an all time record.


Ray Louis reported on the various kindergartens which he continues to make regular visits. Attendance at all Kindergartens has improved.

Navuevu is in need of extension. It has been discussed by the Trustees and they have decided to go ahead and do a day room for the children.

Yadua needs a water tank which was promised some time ago. Ray Louis said he will ensure this is in place and installed before he leaves.

Sigatoka 2 friends of the Bilo Bar have donated towards building a sand pit and swings.

This Kindergarten is ding very well.

Cuvu we do not intend to do any work there at this stage.

Rukurukulevu remain closed.

Kindergarten weekly fee of $1.00 per child is not forthcoming from parents because of tough times. Fees to cover general up keep of the Kindergartens. We are now required to pay FNPF for Kindy teachers and also maternity leave (84 days on full pay) .


It is great to see so many members at this year s reunion and great to see Noelene Hogan and other members who have not returned for several years.

30th Anniversary of the Bilo Bar Club will be celebrated on 19th May 2011. Any one who has any memorabilia, please forward to the Resort. We are looking at a 30th Anniversary publication similar to the one that was done for the Resort s 30th anniversary titled Fiji Through the Eyes of The Fijian .

Alan Steele recorded his appreciation to Apisaki Nadalo for the excellent work and assistance she has provided for members during the reunion and to Kathy Anthony for forwarding the monthly accounts to the Trustees enabling him to keep a proper update of accounts and prepare the annual financial statement.

Bilo Bar T-shirt and Bilo Bar Certificate Have received the certificates ($5.00 each)

and the Resort will assist with the printing. Resort has a design for the Bilo Bar t-shirt.

Social Committee – Ray Louis apologized that he has not formed a Social Committee as record in last meeting minutes but he will work on it.

Ray Louis recorded his thanks to both Alan Steel and Graeme Harvey who have stayed in contact with him throughout the year .

Noelene Hogan enquired if anyone has heard from Alan Lucas. Barry Hancock and Ray Louis confirmed that they have and they keep in regular contact with Alan Lucas.

Sue Droughton enquired if the Resort had plans to construct a Resort at Natadola.

Michael Monks advised that Fiji Resorts Limited (owners and operator of Shangri-La s Fijian Resort) has 900+ acres of freehold land situated on the right of Intercontinental Resort and there is a possibility of development there. On the Natadola block of land we have the Bourewa Archeological site which is believed to be the first known inhabited site in Fiji dating back 3,000 years. We plan to preserve this site and develop it as a tourist attraction. We also have 12,000 acres on Taveuni Island.

Barry Hancock wished to record his disappointment at the way Ray Louis had been abused by some Cuvu villages when he made his regular visit to the Kindergartens. They called him names crook, conman, liar etc and were quite vicious towards him. Barry Hancock is very upset at the way he was abused and ill-treated and apologized to Ray Louis on the Club s behalf.

Clive Snell moved a vote of thanks to the Trustees for their efforts and good work in looking after the affairs of the Club.

With no further business, the meeting closed at 11.05am

Download pdf of Minutes of the Bilo Bar Club Annual General Meeting 3rd November. 2010 here.

Bilo Bar Annual Report 2010

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