2011 Annual General Meeting AGM Minutes

AGM Minutes 2011 of the Bilo Bar Club Annual General Meeting held at the Davui Hall on 2nd november. 2011 at 10.20am

Present :

  • Mr Graeme Harvey – Imperial Bilo
  • Mr Jeremy Aniere – General Manager (Stand-in)
  • Mr Ray Louis – Trustee
  • Mr Allan Steel – Trustee
  • Mr & Mrs Mike Mulcahy
  • Mr & Mrs Kevin Brett
  • Ms Kylie Brett
  • Ms Kim Shoesmith
  • Mr Sean McEvoy
  • Mr & Mrs Mario Vidal
  • Mr & Mrs Allen McCudden
  • Mr & Mrs Peter Lonnevik
  • Mr Rex Johnstone/Judith Wagstaff
  • Mrs Erin Dillimore-Muir
  • Mr Barry Hancock
  • Mr & Mrs Jim Hollingsworth
  • Mr & Mrs Mathew Harvey
  • Mr Ronald Marks
  • Mr John Cox
  • Mr & Mrs Bernard Beck
  • Mrs Laurel Louis
  • Mr & Mrs Wayne Northey
  • Mr & Mrs Dennis Lidster
  • Ms Christine Maddison
  • Mr & Mrs Dallas Wassal
  • Mr & Mrs Darren Weitering
  • Mrs Marilyn Harvey
  • Ms Francis Bromage
  • Mr Rodney Orr
  • Mr Roger Dunn
  • Mr & Mrs Michael Slater
  • Mr & Mrs John Bartosh
  • Mr & Mrs Lance Graham
  • Mr & Mrs Terry Large
  • Ms Allan Hancock
  • Mr & Mrs Neil Robinson
  • Mr & Mrs Richard Droughton
  • Mrs Alice Crabtree
  • Mr & Mrs Ronald Wilton
  • Mr & Mrs Kenneth Curnow
  • Mrs Noelene Hogan
  • Mrs Judy Steel
  • Mr & Mrs Ian Mutton
  • Ms Edna Whiting

In attendance:

  • Ms Sisilia Baroka
  • Ms Apisaki Nadalo


  • Steve & Marilyn Markham
  • Michael & Terry Holland
  • Mike & Debbie Payne
  • John & Elvie Keir
  • Steve Turk

The meeting opened at 10.20am with Graeme Harvey (Imperial Bilo) welcomed the group and thanked them for their attendance and called upon Mr. Jeremy Aniere – GM.

Jeremy Aniere – GM

Introduced himself as filling in for a limited period whilst Michael Monks is away on medical leave. Welcomed everyone to the 30th Anniversary re-union and hope to see everyone again at the 50th Anniversary meeting.

Delivered speech from Michael Monks – Grand Bilo.

Read out a special message from Gary Biondo & John Rice on the 30th Anniversary.

  • New Senior Staff Members were announced by Jeremy Aniere –
  • Suresh Kumar – Resort Manager – joined us in June this year
  • Business Situation – 2011 & 2012 looking very positive for Shangri-La and Fiji as a destination. New markets opening up in China, Hong Kong and Asia.
  • Projects – A Hotel project is moving forward and will be carried out next year.
  • This is good as it will improve our look as Shangri-La Fiji is one of the oldest hotels in the group and is very dear to the Kuok family.
  • CSR – Looking at getting an Ambulance for the Sigatoka Hospital. This has been achieved and has been released to us by Customs Authority.
  • Nadroumai School – Have completed extension for Nadroumai School – a classroom for Classes 6 & 7 as they use to take classes from the school’s dining hall.
  • Have also completed work on the extension of a verandah with the inclusion of a spare room for the Chaperone to the Girls Dormitory. At present work is carried out on the Boys Dormitory. The Management & a few staff attended a ceremony 2 weeks ago to officially open the classroom and extension. The teachers, parents and students were thrilled.
  • Bilo Bar Membership Card – Each member will receive a membership card which will assist us in keeping track of members for better communication.
  • Bilibili Race – The bilibili race this year was held on a very wet day, however despite the weather we won the female and male’s bilibili race.
  • Graeme Harvey (Imperial Bilo) – called Ray Louis to introduce the new Constitution. Ray Louis stated that after their discussion, they have come up with a new constitution whereby a few things remain the same but there are a number of changes to bring it more up to date.

A few of the new ones are:

  • To have young blood come into the organization will be good
  • Have a third Trustee instead of 2 only
  • New male inductee gets a Polo Shirt whilst ladies get a sulu
  • Nomination for any new officer to be in by the 30th March for November AGM will now change to 31 July.
  • Constitution will depend on the vote from members in order to be approved
  • To qualify any new member, the family (husband, wife & children) to have made
  • 3 visits to the Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort & Spa – not 3 visits to Fiji. Grand Bilo will make the final decision.
  • Trustees change after 2 years
  • Imperial Bilo will change every 2 years just like the Trustees.
  • Looking at having a lady as a Trustee very shortly

After the Constitution discussion a motion to accept it was moved by Alana Hancock and all were in favor.

Financial Report

Allan Steel reported on the financial status for the year 01 October 2010 to September 2011. The Financial Summary was circulated at the meeting. This financial year has recorded and income of $21,000 the highest it’s ever been. Coconut this year has collected an enormous amount of $9,315 more than last year. Donations $1,629, Melbourne Cup $6,018.

Some of the funds gained during the year have been transferred to Term Deposit. We finished off the year in a very good position of $22,691.00 Current Bank Balance as at 30th September 2011.

Also we have a fixed deposit of $100,000 for emergencies. All were happy with the summary.

Allan Steel adds “A tremendous thing to do as if a disaster hits Fiji, we do not have to worry about funds”

Monies raised during this reunion:

Allan Steel thanked all that was involved in selling Bear, Calcutta, etc – Alana Hancock, Sue & Richard Droughton, Kevin & Betty Curnow for working long hours. Special mention to Peter Lonnevik for the coconut.

Thank you to Grand Bilo Michael Monks & Jeremy Aniere for the tremendous work done this year. “Michael Monks was amazing at the May Re-union.

A special thanks to Trustee Ray Louis, Mrs. Judy Steel and Apisaki Nadalo and also pass on appreciate to Kathy Anthony who emails us every month with financial figures.

Thank you to every one of you. Without your support and generosity, we will not have achieved so much.

Report on Kindergarten – Ray Louis

A very interesting year. Some good and some bad, overall interesting. I pay visits outside re-union times to look at the Kindergartens.

Ray Louis thanked Jeremy Aniere for the little touch, the fruits around the pool and the yummiest in the room means a lot to the club members.

Re-Open Rukurukulevu Kindergarten – Have visited Samisoni the Village Chief who feels it’s a good idea but as there has been no Teachers for 2 years. Samisoni stated “if you give me the wages that you have not paid we will re-open the kindergarten” Ray Louis said that he told him to get lost…

Sigatoka – The biggest kindergarten is this one in Sigatoka. Lisa the Head Teacher has taken a term off to attend a 6 months course in Suva for a degree. Total of 48 pupils. An average attendance of 25 pupils for 1 teacher and 2 helpers in Sept/Oct & Nov. Did some painting, inside and a bit outside with $80.00 worth of paint.

Yadua – Yadua is terrific. A quarter of the big classroom is collecting dust. We paid for a lot of material but cannot put up Masonite partition as supplier is out of stock. The room was divided in two with the assistance from Bilo Bar and the Shangri-la resort will kindly install when materials become available…

Naevuevu – Most amazing kindergarten with concrete walkway, extra room for sleeping being built, a lot of material we have bought are locked away… It has a total of 34 pupils and an average of 17 attendants daily.

Cuvu – 2 years ago we closed Cuvu and we will consider closing it again. The place is a pigsty. This is a richest village. A surprise visit with Mr. John Vincent from Government Education Dept and Etta Qereqeretabua revealed all this. I would not let my great grand daughter go there – it’s a disgrace.

Mr. John Vincent has been appointed by the Ministry of Education to supervise all kindergartens in this district. Government has allocated $1,800 to qualified teachers, to be paid direct to them each year at $600.00 per quarter. Will further discuss the above with Mr. Vincent.

Compliments go to the following:

  • – Adam Wade has done a fantastic job
  • – Matt Harvey did a fantastic job with the Melbourne Cup.
  • – Apisaki is doing a great job
  • – A big achievement with an Ambulance donated by the Rotary Club of Melbourne

Ray Louis has been talking to a Queensland Specialist who wishes to train the people over at the Sigatoka Hospital on how to look after the donated equipment as they are very expensive.

Ray Louis read a touching departing message from Desmond Hatton to the Club member who has retired on the 23rd October 2011 after spending the last 17yrs with Shangri-La.

“I am not getting younger, my career with Shangri-La has and always been memorable”

Questions and Comments time:

Graeme Harvey (Imperial Bilo)_

Newsletter – To re-activate with comments and suggestions and hotel news.

Alana Hancock

Face Book – A few Club members have started Shangri-La Face Book and have allowed a lot of people to make comments. I have gone in a few times to correct wrong comments on the resort and constantly updating stuff on this website.

A motion to accept the report was moved by Kim & Gloria and all was in favor.

Minutes of 2010 AGM

Seen by everyone. Motion to accept by Mathew Barbey and Barry Hancock was moved and Graeme Harvey announced that 2010 minutes was accepted by all.

Election of New Trustees

  • Allen Steel – Expressed his intention to retire this year & has been very happy with his role and thanked all for their support and will sit and relax whilst new ones will be on board.
  • Ray Louis also retired as he has nominated for Imperial Bilo

New Nominated Trustees

  • Sue Brett – Treasurer to replace Allan Steel
  • Barry Hancock – Trustee
  • A third one to be nominated, perhaps a younger person and members are asked to come up with a name in a few days time.
  • Graeme Harvey (Imperial Bilo) asked if there is any question before nominations closed

Nominations Passed

  • Election of Imperial Bilo
  • Ray Louis announced his nomination.
  • Graham Harvey stated that he was already in the 1st year of his second term and was not due for re-election.
  • Ray Louis said if this was the case, he would withdraw his nomination.

Sue – Suggested moving the Melbourne Cup function to the afternoon and than to dinner because of the heat of the day and the time difference.

2012’s Re-Union Dates are:

13 – 27 May 28 Oct – 11 Nov

Graeme Harvey thanked Apisaki and everyone.

Meeting finished at 11.40am

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