2013 Annual General Meeting AGM Minutes


Venue: Davui Hall, Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort

Date/Time: 6th November, 2013 at 10.30am



  • Imperial Bilo MrRay Louis
  • Grand Bilo Mr Michael Monks
  • Treasurer: Mrs Sue Brett
  • Trustee: Mr Barry Hancock
  • Trustee: Mr Sean McEvoy

Other members present:

  • Gloria McEvoy
  • Ken Curnow
  • Betty Curnow
  • Mike Slater
  • Debbie Slater
  • Laurel Louis
  • Mathew Harvey
  • Claire Robinson
  • Neil Robinson
  • Erin Dillmore-Muir
  • Trish Snell
  • Clive Snell
  • Valerie Large
  • Terry Large
  • Sarah Thomas
  • Gai Hodgson-Budd
  • Rodney Glynn
  • Edna Whitting
  • Christine Maddison
  • Michael Gildea
  • Yvonne Gildea
  • Allan Steel
  • Judy Steel
  • Jenny Lonnevik
  • Peter Lonnevik
  • Pamela Lidster
  • Dennis Lidster
  • Louise Kettle-William
  • Mike Kettle-William
  • Larry Searle
  • Kimberley Winsor
  • David Neaves
  • Cindy Neaves
  • Mona Coppock
  • Vicki Mulcahy
  • Michael Mulcahy
  • Patricia Walter
  • Allan McCudden

Tania McCudden
Ian Maddison
Majorie Maddison
Ron Marks
Janet McCarthy

Wayne McCarthy
Graeme Harvey
Marilyn Harvey
June Lehman
Maxwell Lehman
Noelene Hogan
Mario Vidal
Debbie Jones
Rex Johnstone
Judith Wagstaff
Dianne Jenkins
Dallas Wassel
Francis Bromage
Kevin Brett


Michael Holland
Kye Holland
Lance Graeme
Lurlene Graeme
Gary Reid
Meg Reid
Richard Draughton
Sue Draughton
Sue Harvey
Roger Dunn
Ngari Dunn
Kim Shoesmith
Averil York


All members seated and Imperial welcome everyone. Read out the agenda as per newsletter to everyone’s agreement before taking his seat.

First on the agenda was GM’s welcome speech the his yearly report to the members.

Welcome Speech GM, Mr Michael Monks

Thank everyone for attending the 2013 Bilo Bar Club Reunion, a few may have come back after a lapse of a few years. Mr Monks gave an enlightening speech on what has happen through out the year. From the shelving of the renovations plan to the cyclone that heat Fiji in late December last year where we lost our Fleet Lady and the Pavilion, the biggest stand alone conference facility in Fiji being blown away.

We were hit by low occupancy in the first few months of 2013 due to the above, luckily we picked up again from May during the school holidays.

Many of you may be asking on why the Renovations are not going ahead, the reason is that soon after we announced the planned renovation, the Chinese government re-elected a new parliament and one of the new laws put in place was to stringent all off-shore investment

Shangri-la now have to put on hold most of their off-shore projects. Many jobs were lost, impact was severe even the Chairman of Shangri-la at that time lost his job.

A new Chairman has been reappointed. The iconic Shangri-la in London that was to be open before the Olympics has also been put on hold.

Our recently open hotel in Istanbul, Turkey was forced to close due to the riots that took place in the city.

We recently welcome our New Chief Engineer he is Mr Thierry Blay. Our Director of Food & Beverages that was with us in the beginning of the year has now gone. Our Executive Chef Mr Glen Roberts is now acting as Director Food & Beverages for the Resort. The ever-smiling Mrs Alice Smith has been promoted to Director of Rooms, Front Office, House-Keeping & Laundary Department are all under her care.

Sai Makutu from the front office has just turned 55 which is the retiring age in Fiji, she still wishes to work and has been re-employed on contract basis.

Lusiana our Training Manager has decided to try her hand out on House-Keeping she has been appointed Executive House-Keeper replacing Sala Natoga after she retired.

In the Sports & Recreation Department the well know Jonny has retired now and Mr Vinod Kumar is now taken over as head of department.

You will notice that there are some repair works done on the Coral Wing roof as well as the Executive Boardroom, we are replacing the shingles on this buildings.

Update on Fiji

Yesterday (5/11/13) saw the launch of the 3rd Airbus A330 for Fiji Airways. This is fully funded by FNPF. The government is also planning on re-developing the Nadi International Airport Terminal at some stage in the new future.

As per the recent budget announcement Fiji Government is allocating $400m to improve the road network in Fiji.

Grand Pacific Hotel in now being renovated as it’s now co-owned by FNPF together with the PNG Superannuation Fund.

For the benefit of those that would like to know about the Momi project, construction will restart again next year.

Pearl Resort at Pacific Harbour has been bought by a PNG company it will be opening it’s new complex soon.

We do support the government of the day, it was sad to note Australia & New Zealand voted against Fiji’s loan application from the World Bank. Due to this the current government is looking to China for assistance.

We are thankful to all the Bilo Bar Club members for continuing to come back to Fiji and supporting the industry. Demographically we have seen a lot of changes in the travel industry from short hall to long hall flights.

We have started a “Anti-Literacy Campaign together with Nahina Corporation. We will be asking our guests to donate books to be given out to the children in the community.

We will continue to support the 4 kindergarten that has been entrusted to us, The Bilo Bar Club and continue to support the Sigatoka District Hospital with a recent donation of F$200k. Once again thank you for returning.

Financial Report

Mrs Sue Brett presented on the financial of the club. She had prepared a 5 year’s comparison report on the income and expenses incur by the club, the summary is on the page below.

As per the summary it has been noted that in 2012/2013 marked and increase in the subscription collection.

During the 2013 Reunion Collection from all the events:

Coconut Collection $2406.75
Wraps $ 600.00
Betty’s Bear $ 760.00
Melbourne Cup draws $6055.00
Max & June’s Sale $ 560.00
TOTAL $10381.75


Bank Bal B/F13,87018,56620,60322,691235,989
Raffles   4,204 
Melbourne Cup1,6593,9176,0187,7586,530
Train  250  
Flower Show 55 49101
Beer Wraps 8001,5221,200390
Returned Wages 322253  
Transfer from T/Dep13,685    
Interest Received   1,9572,139
Total Receipts34,25040,21241,679238,31044,360
Term Deposit66,21583,905100,000102,799252,799


Teachers Wages14,68516,68516,92616,42616,461
Bank Fees6617311911058
Transfer to T/D 16,00013,953 150000
Staff Assist1,000    
Beer Wraps  1,3481,391 
Tapa Certificate  1,000 341
Int. W/Held  75455428
Capital Works(Kindy)    53275
Other   203 
Prize Money    1500
Total Payments29,55438,17539,59125,012224,112
Bank Bal C/Fwd.18,56620,60322,691235,98956,237

Term Deposits

  1. $50,000 @ 2.25% matures 8/5/14
  2. $100,000 @ 2% matures 2/2/14
  3. $102799 @ 2.25% matures 19/5/14

The club has the above term deposit in the bank.

After the presentation above the members were asked if any one has any question on the financial of the club.

No questions or objections were raised.

On behalf of the committee Imperial Bilo Mr Ray Luois took the mic to thank the Brett’s for all the hardwork they put in in printing all tickets, raffles being in charge of all the collections and everything else.


As in the constitution trustees term ends every 2 years. Mr Barry Hancock & Mrs Sue Brett have now come to the end of their terms therefore re-election is due.

First it was Mr Barry Hancock position, there wasn’t any nomination received and during the show of hands for support almost everyone agreed to have Mr Hancock for 2 more years.

Then it was the Treasures post for election, no nominations were received therefore everyone voted to have Mrs Sue Brett continue for the next 2 years.

General Discussion

Presentation by Imperial Bilo , Mr Ray Louis

Apart from the newly opened kindergarten all the other 3 kindergarten are in dire need of maintenance. Thank you Shangri-la’s Fijian Resort & Spa Management Team for helping out all throughout the year.

For this renovation work the committee has decided on employing an administrator to regular check & do maintenance work on these kindergarten. The person will be paid $3000/annum to do the above work for 2014 since a lot of work is required to be done by him he will be given an extra $1000.

Cuvu Kindergarten

The new school is ready to start classes from January next year. At the moment the only other work left is the fencing of the school should be done before school starts.

On the construction of the new school, an account of all the expenses:

As of 1st of October with the building that is on the ground now we have spend $70,000.00

We are fortunate to have a hotel supporting us, they donated $2000 worth of tiles.

Furnitures to furnish the kindergarten costed $5000. Fencing is yet to be done which will cost $8000. It’s likely that total expenses will not exceed $88000.

From this Average Cost of construction is $900/day.

Soft opening by the members was done last week 31/10/13 and traditional opening will be before school start next week.

We are humbly requesting the members to sponsor at least one or two play materials to be used by the children in the school. The new building can now accommodate 65 children.

Sigatoka Kindergarten

With the current roll of 55 students the teachers are holding 2 classes that is one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The committee have decided to extend the school by building another classroom. The plans have been drafted and will be passed around for all to see.

The playground behind the classroom has to be leveled again before the children can use it.

All other kindergarten needs repairs in the bathroom as the paint are starting to peel off and woods are becoming rotten.

While on that note, Thank you Mr & Mr Holland for assisting with the repairs at the Naevuevu Kindergarten.

Before we move on can we please have a show of hands on the maintenance programme, the hiring of and administrator. All members were in favor.

Teachers Salary

It has been decided by the committee to increase the wage rate from F$2.75/Hr to $3.50/Hr.

A Special Thank You to Wayne Northey & Janet Mc Carthey for the 120 ukulele’s they brought early in the year and was distributed to the schools here.

Thank you to the families that have been coming and visiting schools with gifts bringing smiles & cheers to the local children.

Sigatoka Special School

As we are focused on helping out the local community one other school that we saw needed our help was the Sigatoka Special School. We met with the Head Teacher of the school and while talking to him we gathered that they do need a basic cooking and sewing room for the girls. The standard education room is 8m x 8m.

Estimated cost of construction will be F$90,000.

We have drawn up a plan for the building which will be passed around for all to see. Will leave this to the floor to discuss.

Allan Steel was the first to raise his hands ; “Could the committee come up with a full comprehensive report in the next AGM”

This was seconded by Mr Graeme Harvey and Mr Wayne Northey.

Mr Barry Hancock then presented the members with the costing of the new Cuvu Kindergarten Building. He was the main trustee that’s was supervising the work from the start till it’s current state:

Contract Price F$70000.00
Less Tiles 2500.00
Nett Cost 67500.00
Electrical Connection 900.00
Foundation Extra 1300.00
Hard Fill & Tree Removal 8107.00
Sand Top Dressing 1140.00
Tiles Bathroom Walls 200.00
Total 79147.00

Furniture 2695.00

Less Retention 1687.00

Total $80,155.00

Money Still to be spent

Outdoor Furniture 2500.00
Blackboard 300.00
Chair 75.00
Fence 4000.00
Foot Path 1500.00
Total Cost $90217.00

Next Reunion Date

It has been unanimously decided that there will be no May Reunion next year however we will still hold the October Reunion. The dates has been set for:

26th October to 8th November, 2014

The General Manager in closing the meeting thanked the Trustees for the work they have been doing and also announced Shangri-la’s Fijian Resort is the first resort in Fiji to sign an agreement with the trade unions on Merit. Shangri-la’s Fijian Resort & Spa is the only resort that pays bonus every year end.

Meeting Closes: 11.10am

 Download pdf here….The Bilo Bar Club AGM Minutes 2013

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