2012 Annual General Meeting AGM Minutes



Present:          Mr Graeme Harvey (Imperial Bilo)

 Mr Michael Monks (Grand Bilo)

                        Mr Barry Hancock

                        Mr Ray Louis

                        Mrs Sue Brett

Mr Michael Mulcahy                                    Mr Patrick Bright

Mrs Vickie Mulcahy                                     Mrs Annie Gridley

Mrs Kym York- Lennox                                Mrs Jean Bright

 Mrs Averil York                                            Mrs Marilyn Harvey

Mr Harold Clotworthy                                   Mr Kevin Brett                     

Mrs Pam Clotworthy                                      Mr Mario Vidal

Mr Michael Holland                                      Mr Ronald Marks

Mrs Kyle Holland                                          Mr Larry Searle

Mr Dennis Lidster                                         Mrs Laurel Louis

Mrs Pamela Lidster                                       Mr David Neaves

Mr Greg Needham                                        Mrs Cindy Neaves

Mr John Bartosh                                           Mr Gary Reid

Mrs Patricia Bartosh                                     Mrs Megan Reid

Mr Peter Guest                                              Mrs Mona Coppock

Mr Terry Large                                             Mr Kenneth Curnow

 Mrs Val Large                                               Mrs Betty Curnow

 Mr Max Lehmann                                         Mr Wayne Northey              

Mrs June Lehmann                                       Mrs Janet McCarthy

 Mr Peter Lonnevik                                        Mr Mark Yardley

 Mrs Jenny Lonnevik                                     Mrs Soraya Yardley

 Mr Clint Johnson                                           Mrs Kim Shoesmith

 Mrs Erin Dillimore-Muir                               Mr Neil Robinson                 

Mr Clive Snell                                                Mrs Claire Robinson

Mrs Trish Snell                                              Ms Edna Whiting                  

Mr Richard Bews                                          Ms Christine Maddison

Mrs Anah Bews                                             Mrs Noelene Hogan

Mr Allan Steel                                               Mr Sean McEvoy

Mrs Judy Steel                                              Mrs Gloria McEvoy

In attendance:  Ms Avelina Namoumou

Apologies:      Judith Wagstaff                          Roger Dunn

                        Rex Johnstone                           Ngari Dunn

                        Frances Bromage                      Mathew Harvey

                        Roma Beck                                Sue Harvey

                        Sue Drought                              Richard  Drought

The meeting open at 10.00am with Graeme Harvey (Imperial Bilo) welcoming members and thanking them for their attendance.

Imperial Bilo read through the minutes from the 2011 AGM there were few corrections as follows:

  • Mr & Mrs Michael Holland names missing from the list of attendees
  • On page 2 on the new constitution point 6 says Trustees change after 2 years this should read as “ Trustee to retire after 2 years and can be renominated at the AGM”.

Imperial Bilo than went through the Agenda as per the newsletter and then called upon GM Mr Michael Monks to address the members.

Address by GM- Mr Michael Monks

Apologised for not being at the 2011 AGM. Gave a brief review from the last reunion till date of what’s happening at the Resort. He also mentioned that Mr Qereqeretabua retired early this year in January. Thanked all Bilo Bar members that assisted staff after the two floods that hit us early this year and most importantly reminded the members that the best way to contribute is by way of returning to the resort.

He also briefed members on the renovation plans for next year, as of now no decision has been made however it will start sometimes next year. Renovation will cover the back of the house, Lagoon accommodation wing including the pool, the lobby, the business centre, golden cowrie & lagoon restaurant. Estimated time frame is 2 to 3 years. It is likely that we will not be back in full operation until December 2015. Plans of work has been adjusted and readjusted and it’s going to be one of the single biggest investments by the private sector into Fiji.

Other developments around the country that might be of interest to members:

  •      Government relooking at the development of Momi Bay
  •       Grand Pacific is now jointly owned by a PNG company and FNPF. Renovation are currently underway to restore one of Fiji’s landmark
  •        Pearl Pacific Hotel at Pacific Harbour has been bought by another PNG company
  •        Air Pacific recently assisted by FNPF financially and to be renamed Fiji Airways with the arrival of the new aircraft.
  •       Government recently approved the building of a 7 star resort & casino at Denarau. Construction is supposedly to be completed by 2013 this is owned and operated by North American Native Indians
  •         Fiji is booming with tourism and it is now the backbone of the country’s economy
  •      An update on Naviti Resort which was burnt 2 days back, management has confirmed there will be no job loss it will soon be back in operation. Guest have been moved to their sister hotel at Warwick Hotel.
  •       With the renovation planned for next year most members are thinking of the staff as they are more like family. GM gave his reassurance that staff will be retained during the renovation.

Mr Monks also thanked Kathy Anthony for all her assistance rendered to the Bilo Bar Club over many years; she has announced she will be going into retirement at the end of the year.

Question time:   No questions

Treasurers Report by Sue Brett

She prepared a 5 year comparison from 2007 to 2012. A few things noted on the comparison, there is a $10000 increase in the total subs collected comparing to the 2011 figure.

As you all know there was a A$100,000 donation to the Trust Fund by Ron Jones when converted to Fijian dollars it came to F$181,000

We collected $4000 from the raffles. And the last Melbourne cup we have the biggest collection ever.

Thank you Betty & Kenneth Curnow for the bears this year they raised $600. From the last 5 years they have raised a total of $4600.

For the Melbourne Cup I have the following people to thank Peter & Jenny Lonnevik, Michael Mulcahy & Kevin Brett.

Total collection during this reunion is al follow:

Melbourne Calcutta Cup                                  $5100.00

Sweep Stakes                                                  $2000.00

Coconut Collection (1st Cocktail)                     $ 876.00

Melbourne Cup coconut collection                   $1056.00

Flower Shower                                               $ 101.00

Graeme (300 beer holders)                             $3000.00

Kindergarten Report by Ray Louis

 Cuvu Kindergarten

I have received the draft plan for the new kindergarten from architecture. Approval letter from Ministry of Education has been received. The Kalevu has also confirmed his approval on the move of the new kindergarten to Cuvu District School Grounds. Still awaiting approval from Rural Health & NLTB.

Currently working on the quotes for the cost, building will consist of 2 toilets and bathroom, teachers’ room, classroom with outside veranda and furniture. Building will be fully fenced with fire extinguisher.

Members if you may ask why we are moving the kindergarten to the new location. The reason is that the Ministry of Education wants all kindergarten to come under a control of a school and secondly the building and the land where the kindergarten is located now is solely owned by the Methodist Church.

Total cost will be around $65,000.00 Please approve by show of hands. Majority approves.

Naevuevu Kindergarten

They are requesting for an extension to have a sleeping area for the children. Roofing needs a little touch-up and the water tanks outside the building needs to be repaired.

Yadua Kindergarten

The school is by the road side and request has come from the teachers if the fence can be repaired just precautions from the children running on to the road

Jubaniwai Kindergarten

The trust fund paid $2000.00 for the levelling of the ground behind the school as a playground for the children. The funds also assisted towards the construction of the teacher’s quarters within the school compound.

In all our kindergarten it has been noted that attendance are up and registration are up as well for next year.

The Ministry of Education are coming down strict on all schools to have Fire Extinguisher which will be checked when school starts next year.


The incumbent Imperial Bilo retires this year and thanked everyone for their continuing support over the years. Call for nomination for Imperial Bilo- we have 3 names nominated and they are:

–         Ray Louis

–         Graeme Harvey

–         Michael Holland

As per constitution all nominations are to be in by the 31st of July.  Show of hands if quorum is accepting a late nomination from Michael Holland. No one accepted.  Only 2 candidates nominated for the Imperial Bilo.

Voting papers passed around as this is a secret ballot. Voting papers collected and counted.

During the voting process GM addressed everyone on our EMBRACE PROJECT which comes under our Shangri-la Corporate Social Responsibility.

There are 3 schools that is been looked after by our Embrace Project:

–        Nadroumai Primary School

–      Cuvu District School

–         Sigatoka Special School

So far we have spent $450,000.00 on renovation works and beautification for these schools. Queensland University has stepped forward to assist us get IT Equipments for these schools.

Other programmes that comes under our Embrace Project:

  •      We have a Marine Education Centre at the resort, we have more than 4000 guests and local students that have visited our Marine Education  Centre
  •      So far we have replanted 2000 mangrove plants
  •       Environment Awareness Programme. 9 years ago during the last Environment Impact Assessment the inspector noted that there were live coral around the island this year there are none. This has mainly been due to the sedimentation from the run-offs that we have experienced during the recent floodings.
  •      Our Marine Centre is working to restore all those extinct coral and should we start renovation we will need to relocate our Marine Centre
  •      No Plastic It’s Fantastic – awareness programmes organize by the Coral Coast Hotel Association to try and abolish the use of Plastic bags .So far we have purchased 35000 green bags which have been distributed to the staff and the neighbouring schools and villages
  •        The Coral Coast Chapter of the Fiji Tourism and Hotel Association has also started fundraising to build a maternity ward for the Sigatoka Hospital. It will have 2 delivery rooms
  •        Ambulance that was donated by a member from Templestone, Victoria has been put to good use

Vote Counting is completed 64 members present 64 members voted. Mr Ray Louis won the vote and will now become the new Imperial Bilo

Replacement of Mr Louis as one of the trustee, it was unanimous decided to have Mr Sean McEvoy as one of the trustees.

General Business

If we are to have renovation for the next 3 years we will still have enough money to pay the teachers and the stationeries for the Kindergarten. Fortunately we should have enough funds in the bank should we not raise sufficient money during the renovation.

On Life Membership

The executive committee and many members have over the last couple of years thought that our club should have some type of recognition for those who have given service to our club of excellence or over and above just years of membership. With this in view, your executive intends to propose that a clause for life membership be included in our constitution.


Life membership may be awarded to any member or other individual as determined from time to time by the trustees and in accordance with the rules and Criteria as determined by the trustees. The trustees will consult with the Imperial Bilo in their consideration nominations must be made in writing to the trustees by any member of the club.

Show of hands for those in favour of life membership. Majority in favour of Life Membership

The maximum life member nominee we can take per year is 2 persons per annum.

This year will be the only year we have 5 members nominated for life membership and they are:

  1. Allan  Lucas
  2. Radike Qereqeretabua
  3. Noelene Hogan
  4. Barry Hancock
  5. Ronnie Jones

Mr Barry Hancock said a few words on behalf of all the nominated this year.

What should we do while the resort is under renovation?

We will do away with the May reunion and have the October Reunion here at the Shangri-la’s Fijian Resort & Spa.

Next reunion dates will be from 27th October to 9th November 2013

We will notify everyone on the website and face book with all that is happening at the resort.

Meeting ended at 11.30am

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