2014 Annual General Meeting AGM Minutes

Bilo Bar Club Reunion 2014

Annual General Meeting

Date: 06 November, 2014.

Venue: Davui Hall Time: 10.00am



  • Imperial Bilo – Mr Ray Louis
  • Grand Bilo – Mr Craig Powell
  • Trustee- Mr Barry Hancock
  • Trustee- Mr Sean McEvoy
  • Trustee- Mrs Sue Brett

Other members present:

Patricia Walter                            Megan Reid                        Clive Snell
Valerie Large                               Gary Reid                            Trish Snell
Erin Dillimore- Muir                 David Neaves                     Mike Gildea
Dallas Wassell                            Cindy Neaves                      Yvonne Gildea
Lurlene Graham                        Roger Dunn                         Laurel Loius
Lance Graham                           Ngari Dunn                          Judy Steel
Terry Large                                Ken Curnow                          Allan Steel
Kevin Brett                                 Betty Curnow                       Mike Mulcahy
Neil Robinson                            Christine Maddison            Vicki Mulcahy
Claire Robinson                         Edna Whitting                     Allana Hancock
David Hollis                                Robin Vidal                          Mario Vidal
Ron Marks                                   Graeme Harvey                   Max Lehmann
June Lehmann                           Pamela Lidster                     Dennis Lidster
John Hogg                                   Linda Hogg                           Peter Lonnevik
Jenny Lonnevik                          Gloria McEvoy                     Sarah Thomas
Mario Vidal                                  Danny Damcevski               Steve Markham
Gai Hodgson-Budd                    Sue Mylonas                         Paul Mylonas
Louise Kettle-William               Mike Kettle-William           Jan McCarthy
Wanye Northey                          Kim Shoesmith

Observer: Ms Jennifer Grayson


  • Richard & Sue Drought
  • Marilyn, Mathew & Sue Harvey
  • Frances Bromage
  • Rick Johnstone & Judith Wagstaff
  • Maria Wassell
  • Noelene Hogan
  • Mona Coppock

Welcome message by Imperial Bilo, Mr Ray Louis welcomed everyone that was present at the AGM and also introduced the Grand Bilo, Mr Craig Powell the new General Manager of the Resort.

Microphone was then handed to Mr Powell to continue. He went through the agenda with everyone before going through the minutes from the last meeting.

Few matters arising from the 2013 Meeting minutes:-

• Financial Report correction, it said there was a marked increase in the subscription which should have read there was a marked decrease in the subscription collection
• Total Payments should have read F$224,112
• Wayne McCarthy should have been Wayne Northey
• Betty’s Bear Collection of F$760 not showing on the Financial Statement. It was then clarified that Financial Statement is dated from Oct 2012 to Oct 2013 any collection after October 2013 will be shown in the following year’s financial statements.

Once the above was clarified the minutes were passed and accepted by the members.

Grand Bilo’s Report

Resort Renovation

This is definitely going ahead. Scope of work has been approved though a few slight changes to be made. A Quantity Surveyor has been hired to work on the cost plan, the only critical part here is the proposed work programme.

The Renovation is to start early next year with a time frame of 18 months. We will try and minimise the inconvenienced anticipated by our guests.

Renovation not always ideal but with our tired property, it has to be done. The work on the accommodation block will be done on stage by stage basis. We will have to manage it the best way possible:-

Stage 1 – Block 1 & 2 of Lagoon wing
Stage 2 – Block 4 & 5 of Lagoon wing
Stage 3 – Block 3 of Lagoon Wing

Luckily we had a favourable Engineers Report we do not have to pull down the whole building as the structures are intact. Work will cover walkways, balcony and new furniture for the rooms.

With the Causeway Bridge there is no need for an expansion all that’s needed is to strengthen and reinforce existing bridge. No need for Environment Impact Assessment.

We will have a brand new Laundry, relocating the current one as it is prone to flooding.

Included in the Renovation plan is the upgrading of the staff facilities and of course the Bilo Bar. The Bilo Bar works will include the clearing station area, roof, furniture and a television screen (only to be played when there is a major event on). With the sea wall there are plans to have a decking there that goes out over the water – this will have steel frames at the bottom. Another area that will be looked into is the amenities around the Bilo Bar.

Renovation will also cover all the Lobby area, restaurants and a Children’s play area. Mr Powell is also lobbying for a water park this was a major attraction at the last property that he was at where the occupancy rate averaged at 86% for the year.

With the Kalevu Restaurant we are likely to reduce the size of the restaurant and make it more intimate to give guests that ultimate experience. It will offer authentic Fijian dining experience and the only challenge here is to get a chef that can cook authentic Fijian dishes.

Surface area around the pool needs tiding up too.

50th Birthday

This will also set us up for the 50th Birthday which will fall on 22nd October, 2017, aiming to re-ignite the memory and re-kindle the magic the Yanuca is known for.

The 50th Birthday Celebration will be a grand event. Mr Kuok will be personally involved and if Mr Powell is still around it will be even more special for our Bilo Bar Members.

2015 Reunion Dates – will be around the same time 25th October to 7th November, 2015.
Should we renovate as planned for early next year we would suggest that you book early. We hoping that we finish with Lagoon Block 1 & 2 before the reunion otherwise there will be only 72 rooms available in the Lagoon Wing.

Website & Facebook Page – All up to date. Recent events are all highlighted on the pages.

Proposed Project – Sigatoka Sand Dunes (Fiji’s First National Park).

Dunes are rare in the South Pacific, Fiji is lucky to have one. In June 1987, 300 acres became Fiji’s National Park which is managed by National Trust of Fiji.

UNESCO and National Trust of Fiji are working together lobbying to fully inscribe the Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park as a World Heritage Site.

To boost our bid, the park needs to be well fenced and this is the reason for the presentation today.

We are looking at securing funding for the project estimated at F$30,000 to F$35,000 for the frontage and ordinary fence on the sides.

The plan is to have concrete pillar structures and in between there will be galvanised steel rods running through as per the video presentation.

Spin-off effect will be enormous, attract more guest, beneficial to the local economy and employment to the local people and many more.

This was then put on the floor for consideration by the members. Mr Graeme Harvey moved a motion to donate F$30K. This was unanimously agreed that the Bilo Bar Club donate F$30,000 towards this worthy cause. And as part of the deal a sign board will be put up that it was sponsored by the Bilo Bar Club.

The opening will have to coincide with the next Bilo Bar Club Reunion.


Summary of the 2013 Report

  • Marked Increase on the Member’s Subscription by F$12,000
  • Coconut Collection increased by F$2,100

2014 Reunion Collection
Betty’s Bear                                                     F$700.00
Handicrafts                                                     F$160.00
Beer Wraps                                                     F$695.00
Melbourne Cup                                              F$6100.00
Coconut Collection 29/10/14                      F$566.34
Coconut Collection (Melbourne Cup)       F$1424.60
Coconut Collection 07/11/14                      F$561.59
TOTAL                                                        F$10207.53

Sue thanked all the members that tirelessly worked over the 2 days to get tickets folded and sold to other guest. Special mention to Kevin Brett for printing tickets & posters used for advertising. Special thanks to Mulcahy, Peter, Jen, Gloria & Emily for selling the tickets and Maria Dallas for folding the tickets throughout the nights.

Move to accept Treasurer’s report by Ray seconded by Barry.

Ray Louis’s Report on Kindergarten

Sigatoka Kindergarten

Have signed contract with builders on the extension of the Sigatoka Kindergarten, this was put on hold because the school never had a Registered title since 1952, therefore registrar’s office won’t approve any extension without proper lease.

Everything was also put on hold due to the recent election now that this is over, things will start to flow.

Members questioned who was paying for the Insurance on the new building. It was clarified that this will be taken care of by the Builder.

Motion was then passed by the members to start construction as soon as, seconded by Mrs Robin Mario and Ms. Allana Hancock.

There was also a request for funding from the teachers for an education trip to Levuka, the old capital. Total cost estimated at F$3000 can the club assist. This was also put to the floor but have to decline due to the age of the children, as they are too young to understand.

Cuvu Kindergarten

We are negotiating with Ministry of Education to employ Mrs. Meresimani Cerei for 1 more year.

We have been advised by the Ministry of Education that in the not too distant future the Ministry of Education will take over all kindergarten and they will be paying them as well.

Thanks to Mrs Cerei’s husband as he does a lot of handiwork around the school.

From the recent visit there wasn’t a lot of shade around the school especially in the play-area. Can the club look into providing shades for the play-area. This has been looked into and will be looking at materials to provide this for the school.

Other Matters

Gala Dinner tonight – please book with Avelina if you haven’t already.

Golf Day- Thanks to Glen & the staff for making it an enjoyable event.

Social Club- Ms Kim Shoesmith will soon be starting up a social club for members and will be updating everyone through the website and the facebook page.

Horse Racing – Next year we will be changing how the prizes are distributed , to be fair each race will have 3 prize winners and this is to encourage more participants.

Ray Louis than thanked everyone for their effort during Melbourne Cup:- Kevin & Sue, Peter & Jen Lonnevik, Mike & Vicky Mulcahy, Barry & Sean for keeping a watch around the bar.

Members we do have substantial funds available should you have any ideas, proposal or consideration on how to utilize it please do let us know.

Finally formal welcome to the GM, Mr Powell. Thank you to all the members, for all the support during the reunion. It’s been an honour and a privilege to be the Imperial Bilo for the last 2 years.

Echo the thanks that has been extended to the committee on Race Day and reteriated that for next year it will be bigger and better with each races having 3 prizes each (i.e 1st, 2nd & 3rd).

Renounce position of Imperial Bilo for Election.

Mr Craig Powell, GM, took over as Master of Ceremony.

Firstly thank the Management and & Staff of the resort for making the 2014 reunion a SUCCESS.

Reminding everyone that tonight will be the Black & White Theme Gala Dinner, it would be good to have everyone in black & white.

The Director Of Sales & Marketing, Ms Jennifer Grayson is generous enough to offer pre-dinner drinks of Beer, Wine & Champagne for all the members.

We will try and involve as many staff as we can in the future reunions of the Bilo Bar Club.


We have received 2 nominations for the position of Imperial Bilo, their names are:

  1. Barry Hancock
  2. Ray Louis

We have the quorum and voting starts. Once all votes casted, counting was done by Ms Grayson, Avelina & GM.

Majority of the votes went to Mr Ray Louis, it was a clear win therefore Mr Louis was re-elected as Imperial Bilo for the next 2 year term.

Mr Powell congratulated Mr Ray Louis than handed over the microphone to him.

Mr Louis thanked everyone again for having confidence and trust in him to take up the Imperial Bilo position for the 2 years ahead.

He thanked Mr Barry Hancock for the outcome of today and for all that he’s doing for the club, he does a lot of running around & checks on the groundwork when Mr Louis is not around.

On the financials

We have a term deposit that is due for renewal at the end of the month, we the committee have decided to renew this for 3 months because of contingency that may arise.

Due to the delay in the approval of works at the Sigatoka Kindergarten, the contractor has now revised his charges by F$10,000.00 from F$29,000.00 therefore the total cost after completion will be F$39,000.00.

We thinking of having more people on the Executive Committee, therefore we have nominated Mr David Neaves, who will be assisting us with the changes in the constitution of the Bilo Bar Club.

Kim Shoesmith and few of the guests have suggested forming a social club and Kim has been nominated as the president and will also be part of the Executive Committee.

We also looking into having young bloods in the committee and some of the ladies groomed for Imperial Bilo positions.

Before being seated Mr Louis invited members if anyone would like to present on anything.

Mr Michael Mulcahy was the first to raise his hands and was given the microphone.

He presented a paper on Scholarship for our Local Secondary School Students. This is to be made available to the 5 secondary schools we have here in Sigatoka. It will be based on their school report and should we be requiring more money for this we can increase our yearly subscription from F$30 to F$40/annum.

“Remember money is more beneficial if used in the education of the local children”

After Michael’s presentation the next was Mrs Betty Curnow, she wasn’t happy with the play area at Cuvu Kindergarten. There is no shade around the play area and secondly the chairs provided to the children are too high and too big, if the Committee could look into this.


After the above presentation, members spoke about increasing subscription from F$30 to F$40 per annum. After a raise of hands it was decided that by 2015 new subscription will be F$40 for all members per annum.

Historical Committee

Mr & Mrs Allan Steel are presenting a water colour painting by Semisi Maya to the Resort. Semisi Maya was a leper and very talented, 2 pieces of his painting are with the family, they will be presenting the 2nd piece to the Fiji Arts Council, this will be during their December stay.

Mr Powell thanked the Steel’s for their generosity and kindness in donating the 2 paintings and thanked all members for their attendance at the AGM and officially closed the meeting.

Meeting Ended : 12.50pm

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